Giant TCR Adv SL 1, Fulcrum Racing 0, & Mavic Carbone SL

TD's fully mounted Mavic Carbone SL wheels

Tuesday was a bit hectic. We had just received another TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP that will be sent off to France tomorrow. I came by on Wednesday night to take some photos of the build. The Giant bikes come pre-assembled, so basically if you’re a bit handy, you’ll be able to mount it by yourself. All of the cabling and wrenching has already been done. All that’s left for you to do is to put the handlebars on, which have the shifters and the handlebar tape on, put on the front wheel, fix the seat post clamp and the saddle, and you’re ready to go.

Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit rear wheel

The bikes even come with basic pedals, so in a bind, with a few tools, you can get it ready to go and ride it home from the post office!

As I mentioned to TD, if your bike has an ISP, it will need to be cut. The bike comes with all of the materials needed to perform the operation. However, I find that it’s best to let experts do the cutting, because if you cut too much, you can’t go back.

Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit front wheel

The bike wasn’t assembled completely because it’s heading out the door tomorrow. We checked that everything was there, and packed it all up again.

Mavic decals and logos

I was really impressed with the Fulcrum wheels. They were light and stunning. The red spokes are very distinctive. 2-Way Fit wheels can be used with clinchers or tubeless tires.

Both Mavic wheels

I’ll probably use a pair of Fulcrums as training wheels. The red of the spokes will go nicely with the red/titanium color scheme I’ve got going on my Millennium.

To find out more about these wheels, the Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP with SRAM Red, visit Asterisk*Cycles or send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com.

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