Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit Wheels

Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit rear wheel

One of the main reasons for Campagnolo to release the Fulcrum wheels was to tap the market of bike enthusiasts using SRAM and Shimano components, who weren’t keen on buying Campagnolo brand wheels.

That being said, the Fulcrum wheels are equivalent to some Campagnolo wheels, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t excellent. This year, the Fulcrum Racing Zeros come in a 2-Way fit version, meaning that they can accept tubeless and clincher tires. An easy way to differentiate the 2010 model from the 2009 model is the fact that this year’s model’s rims aren’t red, they are black.

Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit front wheel

The overall quality and design is impressive. The wheels come with USB hubs and bearings from Campagnolo. The Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit wheels are equivalent to Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit.

Although the rear wheel doesn’t use the G3 design that makes Shamals and the Boras so sexy, the Fulcrums are a nice set of wheels. I examined them closely. They feel very well put together. The red bladed spokes definitely set them apart from any other set of wheels I’ve seen.

The Racing Zeros are the lightest 2-Way Fit wheels and will save you about 45g compared to the Racing 1s. You even get USB ceramic bearings. The only thing missing would be an upgrade to CULT ceramic bearings, which are used in the Bora Ultra Twos and the Hyperon Ultra Twos. Since they are 2-Way Fit, they accept both clinchers and tubeless tires. Riding tubeless wheels is similar to the performance that you get from tubulars. If you get a flat, you can just pop in an innertube and the job is done.

The hub itself is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum. The Racing 1s only have aluminum. The rim is 26mm deep and has bladed aluminum spokes. The spokes are placed with Fulcrum’s Two-to-One pattern, so that the drive side has more spokes. While not fully aero, the profile of the rim is semi-aero. This means that these wheels work well in the mountains and in the descents. The weight of the wheels is 1460g.

I’ll probably use a pair of Fulcrums as training wheels. The red of the spokes will go nicely with the red/titanium color scheme I’ve got going on my Millennium.

To find out more about these wheels, send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com.





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