Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Knights Of The Round Table S20E05 (CBS)

JT was part of a blindside to get rid of Cirie. It worked pretty well. Colby thinks that JT is a hero. Rupert is pissed off at JT. JT comes clean to the tribe.

Amanda no longer trusts JT. It looks like she wants him gone.

The Villains are doing some crappy yoga shit that Coach came up it. He’s such an ass. Courtney and Sandra exchange giggles, while Parv kind of smiles. Only Russ doesn’t join in. He goes looking for the idol again. He finds it.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. Three members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls. Another member will try to shoot the balls into a basket. The winning tribe will leave for another location and they will enjoy a feast of chocolate. Jeff gives them all a little taste. None of the Heroes are eating the chocolate. Sandra, Courtney, and Parv sit out. Colby sits out. Danielle, Ty, Russ square off against Candice, James, and Tom. The others are on the platform. It’s 6 vs 6. James was being too physical and falls to the ground. His knee looks injured. James is out of this challenge. Amanda scores for the Heroes. JT and Rob go at it. Ty scores for the Villains. During the challenge, Rupert picks up up Jerri and throws her against the fence. Jerri is pissed. Rupert is all, I didn’t mean it. She doesn’t care. He’s a bastard.

Jerri scores! That’s great! Rupert shoved Jerri’s face into a post. The docs splint James up, but they are concerned that he stretched his tendon too far. The Villains enjoy a swim in the cave. Most of the villains decide to vote for Russ. Russ tells Parv that he’s got the idol. They talk and decide to talk with Coach. Parv says that he’s easy manipulated. He talks with him. Coach bows down and kneels. It’s insane how much of a mind job Coach is.

He’s a scared little puppy.
Parv about Coach

Amanda and Candice talk. Amanda says that this would be the 2nd time that James gets taken out. Amanda has a little cry. The Heroes are talking. They think that he won’t come back.

James walks back. Amanda runs to him. James is still hobbling.

You can’t lug around dead weight, and James is a lot of dead weight!
Candice about James

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One person will be the caller. The others will be blindfolded. The tribemembers will be paired up to find puzzle pieces. Then, they need to assemble it. Ty and Danielle are sitting this one out. Jerri and James do the calling. Both tribes have 3 pieces back. The villains have 2 more. The Villains are leading. They’ve got 8. The Heroes have 7. Both tribes have 9 pieces. Rupert and Candice find their puzzle piece. Coach and Sandra bring back their piece. About 20 seconds later, the villains get their final piece back. The Villains are close to finishing. Boston Rob is on top calling the shots. The Villains win immunity again! It’s another decisive win.

Villains have won 4 out of 5 immunity challenges. Tom and Colby talk. They are going to vote for James. Rupert and JT decide to vote for Tom. Candice wants to vote for James. James wants to get rid of Tom. Rupert didn’t like Candice’s comments. He tells Amanda that he’d vote for Candice. She says that they will vote for Tom. JT thinks that he’ll be on everyone shitlist. JT is the swing vote. He tells both sides that he will vote their way.

JT is so wishy-washy, he flip-flops.

It’s time for tribal. James blames Tom and Candice. Candice says that James has got a bum knee. He should be voted out.

If he’s quiet during the challenges, it’s probably because he doesn’t know what is going on.
Tom on James

James, all mass, no class.

Tom is voted out by a 4-2. JT voted wrong. He should have stuck with Candice and Colby. They would have had the numbers.

* * * * *

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