The Amazing Race Were No Longer In The Bible Belt S16E04 (CBS)

Jet/Cord depart at around 11PM. They must fly to Hamburg, Germany. They are on the 11:10AM to Frankfurt. Jet/Cord and the cops are on the 1st flight in. It’s a direct flight. The 2nd flight arrives about an hour later. The lesbians and the half gay brothers hurry to make the train to Hamburg. They miss the train, obviously. Brent/Caite, Joe/Heidi, the BB team, and Steve/Allie arrive and they are all on the same train.

Jet/Cord arrive first. They face an Intersection. They must join with another team. The cops partner up. Two people from different teams must complete a daring Roadblock. They must make their way to a bungee jump in the middle of the city. Joe/Heidi and the lesbians arrive next. Joe/Heidi partner up with Steve/Allie. The half gay brothers hook up with the Lesbos, obviously.

Brent/Caite and the BB team work together. The girls decide to do so.

I’ve never done anything like that.
Jordan about traveling on the subway

They take the wrong train. Jet and a cop arrive first. Jet decides to keep his hat. What an idiot! He doesn’t think that his hat will drop. What do you know? His hat stayed on. That’s a real cowboy alright. I guess they sleep with the hats and the boots as well.

Joe and Allie arrive 2nd. Teams must now make their way to the statue of Germany’s first emperor. The lesbian freaks out. Jordan and Caite are there.

The cops are 1st. They face a Detour. They must choose between soccer or sauerkraut. In soccer, they must play some soccer. They must kick accurately enough to hit 5 targets. In sauerkraut, teams must eat some sauerkraut very quickly. The cops do sauerkraut. The cowboys took the subway. Joe/Heidi might pass them.

The cops eat some sauerkraut. They have no trouble with the detour. Teams must make their way to the Haifish bar to drink some beer.

Dan and Brandy leave for the statue. Jet/Cord go play some soccer. Joe/Heidi do soccer.

Steve/Allie do soccer. Joe/Heidi do this too. Joe has got a bad knee. Steve/Allie are moving ahead. Brent/Caite do soccer. The BB team do sauerkraut. Steve/Allie leave. Joe/Heidi switch detours.

Louie chugs the beer. They make their way to the Beatles statue. They must run to a bar and go to the pit stop. The half-gay brothers do soccer. The lesbians do sauerkraut.

The BB team is totally lost thanks to their taxi.

The cops finish 1st. They win a Discover gift card worth $5K each.

Steve was pretty happy to drink some beer. He had been complaining to Allie that he couldn’t have any before.

The cowboys finish their detour and make their way to the finish. They are in 3rd. Brent/Caite are still lost. Joe/Heidi eat some sauerkraut. They eat it pretty quickly. The lesbians eat some too. They eat a lot slower, but they finish it on the first try.

Steve/Allie finish 2nd. Joe/Heidi finish before the cowboys. They leave for the pit stop. The BB team arrives to eat some sauerkraut. After missing their 1st try, they leave for the soccer stadium. Brent/Caite are playing soccer. Caite was all like soccer was her first sport. She’s been playing soccer since she was 5. She hurts her thigh or some crap like that. She’s just a drama queen.

The lesbians arrive. The cowboys are still drinking beer. Joe/Heidi finish 3rd. Jet/Cord leave for the pit stop followed closely by the lesbians. Brent/Caite finish and make their way to drink beer.

Jet/Cord finish 4th. The half gay brothers leave for the pit stop. The lesbians finish 5th. The half gay brothers finish 6th. The BB team need to drink some beer. Brent goes outside to throw up a few times.

The BB team arrives to drink beer. Jeff drinks it pretty quickly. Brent/Caite finish 7th. The BB team finishes last. This isn’t an elimination leg of the race. They will face a Speed Bump.

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