Assorted Poirot Quotes

The last few seasons of Poirot were extremely satisfying, especially starting at about season 6 and going onto the latest season, season 12, which is still ongoing if you wanted to know. Things were slightly less interesting in the first few seasons, as I found that the Poirot mysteries needed to be resolved in longer episodes, of either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. The shorter ones are disappointing in the sense that they are less complex, less cerebral.

One of the reasons why I really enjoy Poirot is because of the complexity of the mysteries involved. Poirot is also a very cerebral detective, which makes watching or reading them most enjoying.

Superintendent, I have some very good news! It is that someone tried to kill me!
Poirot in Mrs McGuinty’s Dead

-I cannot say at the moment, I may be wrong.
-Does not happen to you!
-It has happened twice in my career.
-That’s a relief. To be right all of the time might get a little monotonous.
-I do not find it so.
Poirot and a DI in After A Funeral

What you make hop are the little gray cells and they speak to Poirot.

It was bad enough the first time.
Poirot, tasting the sandwhiches in Sad Cypress

I have failed to take into account the madness of the English palette. For gentleman, what we find, we find that we are entering the realms of lunacy. I do not care if our murderer had the palette of a master chef, he could never distinguish between these slurries. Non, it is a fact that these sandwiches are all but indistinguishable.
Poirot in Sad Cypress

Non, non, non, she was murdered, but not by these disgusting sandwhiches.

But of course Hastings, you want to improve your disability on the links?
Poirot to Hastings in Murder on the Links

Et bien M. Roberts, I will tell you the difference. In the will that is missing, you inherit a small fortune. If you can prove you are his son, you inhert a vast one.
Poirot in The Case of the Missing Will

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4 thoughts on “Assorted Poirot Quotes”

  1. Murder on the Links is one of my favorite books.
    I just bought a stack of used paperbacks, about 6 agatha christies in there to take to the beach on honeymoon to read…

    (Considering at my rate I can finish one in two or three hours, needed a ton. 🙂

  2. Hey Candice,
    Yeah I know what you mean. They are entertainment, but don’t last very long. I’d recommend packing a ton of books. On my honeymoon, I finished all of my books and then had to read the wife’s, which were all of those Shopaholic books.

    Where are you going? We went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

  3. Old beach town in northern florida. We’re renting an apartment and driving there, so we can have the entire bmw trunk full of books if we want. Last summer we went for four days and I ran out of books.

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