Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Banana Etiquette S20E06 (CBS)

Amanda thinks that Candice needs to go next. Boston Rob and Russ talk in the middle of the night. He tries to placate him, but Boston Rob doesn’t bite. Boston Rob actually tried to make him more paranoid. They kind of declare war on each other.

The tribes get some vague treemail. James is still hobbling around. They will be competing as individuals against their own tribe for individual immunity. Both tribers are heading to tribal. Each person will be attached to a long rope and go around some obstacles. First person to the finish wins.

The two winners will square off for a reward for their reward. The winning tribe will get food during the other tribe’s tribal council.

The Villains win the coin toss and the Heroes go first. Tyson won this challenge in his season. James is in the lead. Then, JT and Candice pass him. Candice wins. Amanda is showing off her privates to everyone.

Rob and Ty are doing well. Russ is coming up behind them. Parv is next and Sandra is stuck. Boston Rob is at the 2nd section followed by Ty and Russ. Boston Rob wins immunity.

Boston Rob vs Candice. All of the girls are showing off their privates. They are neck in neck. They are slowing up but Boston Rob wins easily enough.

Back at camp, Boston Rob tells his alliance that they will vote off Parv, but they are making it look like they will vote of Russ. Boston Rob tells Russ that he will be voted out tonight. Russ still denies that he has the idol. He talks with Parv and Jerri. Russ read Boston Rob pretty well. He tells Parv that he will hand over his idol to her.

Colby makes a big speech to everyone, since he knows that he is going home. Rupert agrees.

But if it’s the old sleepy-ass Colby, beat by a fat man and a cripple, that ain’t right.

JT, Amanda, Candice and Rupert talk about what to do. They don’t like his banana etiquette. He eats a lot of them. James overhears them talking. Amanda tells James that she needs to prove that he can run. He also is stealing bananas. The tribe doesn’t like his banana etiquette.

James is power, Colby is not.

James does a little run against JT. It’s not bad.

Hey JT, would you like a banana?
James in a sarcastic manner

Boston Rob has to spell out the voting strategy, because otherwise, they’d just mess it up. He wants to split up the vote to ensure that either Parv or Russ is going home. 3 will be voting for Russ and 3 will be voting for Parv.

Russ tells Ty that he will vote for Parv. Ty is now considering flipping his vote over to Parv. Russ has figured out B Rob’s voting strategy, but he doesn’t know if they are that smart.

It’s time for tribal. The Villains are going first. Sandra says that they all know that Russ has the immunity idol. Russ plays the immunity idol and gives it to Parv. It surprises some of the Villains.

The vote is split between Russ, Parv, and Tyson: 2-4-3. Tyson got played. Russ actually managed to outsmart Boston Rob. Parv doesn’t understand what happened. Russ was betting that Tyson would switch up his vote, which he did. I’m sure that Boston Rob has figured this out.

Danielle, Parv and Russ voted for Tyson.

It’s time for the Heroes tribal council. The Villains get some hot dogs and soft drinks. The Heroes have trouble seeing the Villains eat the hot dogs.

It’s like finding out that Superman was in a big girdle. You see them muscles, and you get up close, and it’s nothing but a fat suit.

James makes a speech about banana etiquette, which makes Danielle laugh out loud. The Villains have to leave. It’s time for the vote. James gets voted out by 4 votes.

I’m going to be good drunk in the next five minutes.

* * * * *

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