The Amazing Race I Think Were Fighting the Germans Right S16E05 (CBS)

The BB team will hit a speed bump in this leg of the race. Teams are leaving from the Indra club in Hamburg. They boarded a bus during the night for an unknown destination. Joe doesn’t look good. He rubs the cops the wrong way.

The teams arrive in France. They will drive themselves to a town and find a bakery. Their clue will be hidden in a baguette. Cord doesn’t know what a baguette is. Jet tells him that it is a pastry.

The half gay brothers are happy that they aren’t driving stick today.

The cops get their baguette first. Teams must drive themselves to the La Main de Massiges. Steve/Allie are close behind. Joe/Heidi arrive as well.

Brent/Caite are almost 2 hours behind the other teams.

The teams have to dress up as soldiers to recreate a battle from WWII. In the Trenches, they will be in the trenches and translate a message from Morse Code. In Under Fire, they must crawl under barbed wire to retrieve a message.

The cowboys, the lesbians, and the half gay brothers are all bunched together.

Steve/Allie and Joe/Heidi also do Under Fire.

The BB team leaves an hour later than Brent/Caite. They are also lost. I don’t know why Jeff lets Jordan drive. They keep going around in circles.

Louie is having a hard time. They arrive first at the foxhole.

The half-gay brothers and the lesbians do Under Fire as well. Jet/Cord are 6th. They also do the same task. The cops complete the detour first. They must head south to get their next clue. There is a blind U-Turn there.

Louie decides to U-Turn Joe/Heidi. It’s kind of stupid because all of the teams will know that the cops U-Turned Heidi/Joe.

Brent/Caite do Under Fire.

The cowboys pass the lesbians. A lot of teams are crawling now.

Jeff/Jordan arrive at the bakery. Jeff can’t figure out that the clue is inside the baguette. It takes him a good minute.

Steve/Allie finish and head for the next clue. They see that Heidi/Joe are U-Turned. They all know that the cops U-Turned them. They have to do the other task.

Teams must dress up in vintage cycling clothes and ride classic bikes to the pit stop. Louie will have a hard time. It’s 4 miles.

Joe/Heidi try their first decode, but they don’t get the right one. It sounded like Vive La Liberté.

Brent/Caite come across the lesbians. The other teams are leaving while Joe/Heidi are still stuck.

Steve/Allie cycle to the pit stop.

The cops finish 1st and win 55” HDTV each.

The cowboys pass the half-gay brothers. The cowboys are in 3rd. Steve/Allie finish 2nd. The cowboys finish 3rd. The half-gay brothers finish 4th. The lesbians finish 5th.

Brent/Caite go the wrong way.

The BB team arrives last at the Detour. They must reinforce a section of a trench. Jordan has trouble with her costume. They come across Joe/Heidi.

Brent/Caite are on the bikes. They finish 6th but didn’t pick up a clue after the Detour, so they have to go back to retrieve it.

Joe/Heidi are still striking out with the Morse code. The BB team do their Detour. Jordan decides to do Under Fire.

Jeff/Jordan leave for the next clue. Joe/Heidi still strike out.

The BB team head to the bikes while Joe/Heidi have given up. Brent/Caite are still 6th. The BB team finishes 7th. Joe/Heidi are eliminated. Well, they are eating their share of humble pie. They shouldn’t have been boasting to the camera on the bus.

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