YG’s Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP Frame

Blue front of the frame

It’s been a busy week. We received two frames for customers that are almost ready to be shipped out. This Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP frameset is going to the US.

Arriving all wrapped up in plastic

I’m always amazed at how light these frames are. They weigh close to 1kg, 1.3kg with the fork. This frame was ordered three weeks ago and we got it pretty quickly. I was expecting it to take longer, as a few other clients who ordered M-sized frames before this S one are still waiting for theirs.

The frame in its glory
ISP of the frame
Top view of the frame

We still have some Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP frames in stock, but most sizes need to be ordered. Different builds are available, from stock Giant bikes to fully customized bikes, including components from SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, and a full range of mid to high-end wheels from Mavic, Fulcrum, Campagnolo, Lightweight and more. Email us at asteriskcycles@gmail.com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.

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