The Amazing Race Cathy Drone S16E06 (CBS)

Teams must drive themselves to Reims and find a musician near the statue of Joan of Ark. The cops are overconfident. Steve/Allie leave 2nd. The cowboys leave a few minutes later. The half-gay brothers leave a minute later. The lesbians leave 20 minutes later.

The half-gay brothers understand Cathy Drone instead of cathedral. An hour later, Brent/Caite leave.

The cops and Steve/Allie make their way to the cathedral. Steve/Allie arrive 1st. They have to drive to Épernay. The cops are lost. The cowboys beat them there. The cops are 3rd. The cowboys leave Reims for a small town that has Champagne in the name.

The half-gay brothers hook up with the cops at a tourism office. The lesbians arrive. They follow each other and arrive 1st and 2nd. They face a Roadblock. Today, teams must rappel down into aging caverns and find the right champagne bottle. They have to use a saber to uncork the bottle and find the clue.

Jordan, Louie and Steve do the Roadblock.

The cowboys went to the wrong town and have to turn around. Jordan finds his bottle quickly enough. Louie is in the caverns now. Teams must now go to a chateau in Taittinger.

Louie also finds it quickly enough. Brent/Caite are at the wrong statue. Caite thinks that Joan of Ark is a man.

The models are being stupid together. At least they get some directions, while they are bickering.

Steve finds his bottle and they leave. The lesbians arrive. They are pissed off at each other.

The half-gay brothers head the wrong way. The cops follow a man

Look, I think if you find a good looking person to give you directions, it doesn’t hurt.

Steve/Allie also head to Reims, which is the wrong way. The Lesbos go to the right place. Jet/Cord are 5th. Jet figures out their place and he doesn’t think that it’s good.

The BB team is last and they arrive at the statue. Cord leaves with his bottle. They also go to the wrong way.

The cops are still following a Boxster to the chateau. They face a Detour. Teams are doing Tower or Terror. In Tower, they must use over 600 glasses to build a tower to fill it with champagne.

In Terra, teams must search the grounds for a grape marked with the flag.

The half-gay brothers head to Tattinger HQ. They are told that they need to head to Pierry, near Épernay. Brent does the Roadblock. The BB team is also in Reims. Brent/Caite leave.

Jeff goes down in the cave. Steve has a bit of a fender bender with a roundabout. They are in Reims and leave for Pierry. Steve tries to fix the bumper.

Jeff finds the bottle and leaves.

Allie decides that they need a new car. Steve had some duck tape in his bag and he uses it to jury-rig the car.

The BB team also goes to the wrong place, Reims.

The cops find the grapes and drive themselves to L’Orrca, a historic mansion.

The cowboys are also at the wrong place. They are in Reims and leave for Pierry.

Dan/Jordan are 2nd and do Tower. The Lesbos are 3rd. They do Terra. They find it quickly enough. They leave for the pit stop.

The cops finish the leg of the race 1st. They win a trip to Cancun.

Steve/Allie are doing Terra. They are 4th. Brent/Caite follow the lesbians, not knowing that they missed a task. The Lesbos finish 2nd. Phil tells the models that they need to do the Detour.

Steve finds some grapes.

The BB team is in Reims. They have to turn around. Brent/Caite decide to do Terra.

The half-gay brothers have 12 levels, not 15. They decide to try and put three one over the other. They are handed a gigantic bottle of champagne. It works! I’m surprised. They have some champagne and leave. It wasn’t an easy task.

The cowboys arrive and do Terra. They find a grape quickly. The models are pretty dumb and do the other task. The cowboys are 4th.

Steve/Allie finish 3rd.

I have a car out there that I hope you guys have insured.
Steve to Phil

The cowboys finish 4th.

Brent starts to pour and it topples the tower. They have to start over. Brent says that they will look for grapes. The BB team arrives. They do Terra. When they see they see the models, they do the Tower task.

Dan/Jordan finish 5th. Caite finds the grapes. Jeff collapses part of their tower. Brent/Caite leave for the pit stop.

Jeff/Jordan look for grapes in the dark. Brent/Caite finish 6th. Jordan finds some grapes in the dark. They head for the pit stop. They are eliminated.

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