Web Browsers Illustrated

Caldwell Tanner is a cartoonist for College Humor and he made this great little cartoon comparing the different browsers to their equivalent modes of transportation.


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3 responses to “Web Browsers Illustrated”

  1. Thoth Harris Avatar

    I know it’s supposed to be humorous, but this depiction of the different search engines is just inaccurate, and dumb. I have used all these search engines (except for Chrome, because I have a PPC, not an Intel Mac).
    What it says about IE and Opera are true. Opera is okay, but not as efficient as some of the others. And, well, everybody knows about IE.
    Add-ons on Firefox? Yeah, sure. But who is forcing anybody to install add-ons? I haven’t really installed many. I might have one or two (I can’t remember) which are so invisible they do not weigh the app down in any way.
    But what he says about Safari is even bigger bullcrap. Safari is not like a bicycle. It is the faster browser around (as I said, I have tried all of the browsers, except for Chrome, which is eerily similar (because they have imitated one another).
    Safari is more like a high-speed train or a souped-up motorcycle. Okay, yes, I am a Safari user. What is the cartoonist using? Probably Chrome. He hasn’t seriously tried the others for more than a few seconds (or at most, a few days)
    “It’s quality is vastly exaggerated by those who use it” the guy says? Sounds like one of these smarmy PC-fanboys who post comments on every site that mentions Apple (YouTube postings, for example), taking whatever opportunity (or non-opportunity) to crap all over Apple. These are the types of Neanderthals that have never even tried Apple, and haven’t seem to have woken up to the fact that most people now want Apples.

  2. range Avatar

    wow Thoth, quite a rant! And they are browsers, not search engines.

    I don’t use Safari much, neither does my wife, who’s got a MacBook.

    Chrome… Rarely.

    IE never
    Opera not even installed and couldn’t care less.

    I love FF. It’s fast, convenient, and because Chrome hogs a bit more juice, it’s faster sometimes, though I haven’t noticed how fast it actually is compared to FF. It’s almost the same speed.

  3. Thoth Harris Avatar

    Yeah, true, they are browsers.
    Try Safari! I find Firefox lags a bit when loading pages. That is why I prefer Safari.
    But I use them both. When accessing my bank records or similar browssing, I use Firefox. But for ordinary use, I use Safari. Firefox is a little too slow for me. Also, when I Force Quit, I can always access all of the windows I had open before, if I want to do that (let’s say, for instance, a YouTube video freezes/crashes my app). The same problem with Flash (YouTube crashing the app) occurs with Firefox as well. But, at least with Safari, I can access all the windows i had open immediately, if I want to.

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