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Hack A File Cabinet Into A Budget Friendly Standing Desk

If you tend to spend quite a bit of time at your desk in your home in front of a computer, you’ve probably tried a few different configurations to make things more comfortable. With laptops, it’s easy to just pick up your computer and change locations. However, there are quite a few benefits from using a standing desk.

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Earth Hour 2010

Hong Kong as seen from The Peak

I had a really hard time deciding which photo I liked the best. These photos showcase Earth Hour 2010 which took place on the 27th of March all over the world. What I really like is that you can see the photos fade in and fade out, which is really cool. The above photo was taken before Earth Hour. Check out The Big Picture to see what it looks like during Earth Hour. {via the big picture}

TD’s Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP & Customer Testimonial With Asterisk*Cycles

Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP with Mavic Carbone SL

TD’s bike arrived a little more than a week ago and he finally sent me a few photos of the assembled and finished bike. As you know, we don’t fully assemble the bikes, we check that everything is accounted for and pre-assemble them. All that you have to do when you receive a bike from us is to put the handlebar onto the stem and mount the front wheel.

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My Daily Tweets

This is what I tweeted about today…

  • 00:33 I had a backlog of posts that I posted today. #
  • 12:26 Kind of cold today. #
  • 12:27 Redirected all of my domain names to Asterisk*Cycles. #
  • 13:35 @Tortue Tu devrais essayer celui sur Renai Rd (Fuxing Bei Rd.). Plein de gens qui parlent anglais. #
  • 13:36 Actually I was wrong. Nice and warm outside. The drunk thermometer says that its 33C #
  • 13:46 Training & Diet Week 4 Day 6 & 7: #
  • 20:33 Well, Spike outsmarted us both again and got two diners instead of 1. Kind of funny. #
  • 21:53 Now, I’m back at work. Or at least working. Two more posts to go. #
  • 23:30 iFixit Rips Apart The Nintendo DSi XL: #
  • 23:36 Lightsaber Bookends Will Reveal Your Inner Geek to Everyone: #

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Lightsaber Bookends Will Reveal Your Inner Geek to Everyone

It’s taken over half a year since you could find ‘em, but these illuminated Lightsaber Bookends are available for pre-order again. You might have noticed – if you have keen eyes – that this lightsaber is none other than Darth Vader’s.

lightsaber star wars darth vader bookend

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iFixit Rips Apart The Nintendo DSi XL

It didn’t take long for those crazy guys at iFixit to tear down a Nintendo DSi XL. Heck, it was only released in the US yesterday! What took them so long?

ifixit dsi nintendo xl teardown video games

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Training & Diet Week 4 Day 6 & 7


I had a banana smoothie, two milk teas, as well as a chicken wrap to start the day. It was left over from the day before.

I had a big green salad with three eggs and finished the day with a fake-sushi wrap.


I had a banana smoothie. I made myself two breakfast burritos with Dan Bings. Inside, I had a cheese omelette, lettuce, and condiments.

I finished the day with some yellow Thai chicken curry with rice.

I had a weigh-in today and I’m around 82kg. I need to start running again to cut that weight down. I can’t believe that it’s almost been a month and I haven’t purchased anything from a stand, store, or restaurant. That’s pretty impressive, because I used to do this daily.

My wife says that she’s also feeling toned without having done much exercise, if any. I have to agree with that assessment. She’s definitely looking fitter than last month.

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