Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Im Not A Good Villain S20E07 (CBS)

Parv, Russ and Danielle celebrate. Boston Rob is trying to think what exactly went down. Someone got to Tyson. He gets annoyed when he hears Russ and his girlfriends laughing.

Jerri is still wishy-washy. She talks with Parv, Danielle and Russ. They need her vote. The vote is currently split 3-3, with Coach and Jerri in the middle.

The Heroes are miserable. Rupert says that Colby needs to perform in this tribal challenge.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Three members of each tribe will race through water to retrieve a ball and score a basket. The other tribe can stop them any way they can. The winning tribe will leave the island and get a good lunch at a waterfall.

Colby keeps missing the basket. Coach throws an airball twice. Colby finally scores. Candice scores. 2-0 for the Heroes. Colby scores again and they win reward. They go and enjoy their food. Candice reads a clue. It says that there is another immunity idol at their camp. Amanda wants to read it immediately. Rupert complains like an idiot.

At the Villains camp, Russ continues to talk with Coach and Jerri. Jerri tells Coach that she has made her decision and she will vote with Russ. Coach is surprised that she bought Russ’ BS. Coach doesn’t like hearing this. Jerri thinks that Coach is naïve.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. 3 members will race relay style to retrieve some puzzle pieces. The 3 remaining members will try and put the puzzle together. Parv beats Rupert. Courtney beats Candice. Coach beats Colby. Parv beats Rupert again. Candice beats Courtney. Courtney lost a ton of time. Colby is back with the Heroes pieces. Coach is still on the course. Boston Rob and Sandra do the puzzle. JT and Amanda do it for the Heroes. Heroes win immunity. I wonder if Rob lost on purpose. The lead was only 15 seconds or so, not enough to make a difference.

Russ comes up to Boston Rob, Sandra and Courtney. He tells the girls that one of them needs to go. Boston Rob tells Coach that he is voting for Russ. Coach agrees to vote for Russ. Coach goes to see the other alliance. Russ says that they should blindside Rob. Coach says that they should get rid of Courtney. Coach is stuck in the middle.

Boston Rob tells Jerri that they are coming after him. He knows it, he’s not asking it. Jerri is conflicted again. WTF.

It’s time for tribal. The conversation is about split alliances. It’s all between Boston Rob and Russ. Boston Rob gets evicted by a 4-3-1 vote. Coach just screwed over Boston Rob by throwing away his vote for Courtney.

* * * * *

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90 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Im Not A Good Villain S20E07 (CBS)”

  1. You left out the juicy parts. Coach’s speech about Jerry aligning with Russell because of his big move at last Tribal Council. How she wants a protector and Coach was hurt she didn’t ask him first.

    Or, how Boston Rob went down with class. How he told Jerri to do what would get her further in the game, knowing he needed her vote but was honest in his discussion with her.

    And how Russell bragged about bringing together the two women who hated one another, that they did it to team with him.

    But Boston Rob was right about what would happen next. His tribe would either pull together or split into enemy camps and get dragged down in chaos. It’s the chaos for next week.

  2. Yep, I kinda did. I was annoyed because I knew where this was going. Russ kind of sealed Boston Rob’s fate by getting Tyson out.

    I’m still surprised at how stupid Tyson was to vote for Parv instead of Russ.

    Boston Rob was simply outplayed by Russ, which I find surprising. Of all Survivor players, I would have thought that Rob would have been able to easily beat Russ. That didn’t work.

    But I think that Russ is overestimating his chances, once Parv teams up with Amanda after the merge, unless he gets rid of her first.

    It’s pretty sure that Courtney and Sandra are the next ones to go. It’s funny how the Villains totally maimed their team by infighting.

  3. Russell earned his Survivor Big Boy badge at Boston Rob’s expense, which is so in keeping with the Survivor karma after Boston Rob’s speech a week or so ago that Russell was out of his league and not playing with a bunch of first time pushovers, that he was up against Survivor greats and didn’t stand a chance. Boston Rob didn’t know what was about to hit him.

    Just for that, I would like to see Russell make it far. But just because of that, he probably won’t. Those girls will vote out the strong players first. Wonder if he’ll survive the first week of the merge.

    Almost forgot, I loved how Boston Rob called Coach ‘a little man’ when he was leaving. I will miss that guy.

    And I’m surprised Rupert is almost an after-thought this season. Except for the shoving match with Russell at the last challenge. Maybe those two will be the next big battle of the egos after the merge.

  4. I don’t care much for Rupert anymore. He’s a bit of a has-been. It’s true that Boston Rob plays a great game, but he lacked in the social game.

    What astounded me is that Russ crafted his alliance the same way he did in the previous season. From what I learned, the previous season wasn’t aired while this one was filming.

    Anyway, Russ isn’t the smartest, but he’s astute and he knows what’s going to happen. He can read and manipulate people very well. A lot of them didn’t know what was going on. Boston Rob is quick, but my guess is that he hasn’t got that killing instinct anymore, which Russ has.

    I wonder about the merge. It’s looking like there will be a lot of women, and they tend to band together, taking out strong players. Russ managed to make it far in the previous season. If he survives the merge, he might make it far.

    Before going to Tribal, Boston Rob knew that his number was up. He told Jerri as much before. He knew that Coach was a weak player. Boston Rob wasn’t social enough, and Jerri listened to Russ’ insistent comments about how he would take them to the end.

  5. But I recall some of the Survivors talking about Russell’s game play, that they knew how he played. I assumed they’d seen him in action the way they talked about him. And they knew he would look for the idol, that was part of his game. How would they know that if they hadn’t seen it already? But you do bring up a good point. I thought for sure Russell would have to change his strategy. It amazes me that the others fall for it when every sentence spoken by Russell is taken from the previous Book of Russell.

    As for Boston Rob, I saw that he knew what to expect at Tribal Council. But up to that point he’d underestimated the steam-roller instinct in Russell. And Coach, he did have a lucid moment when he talked about how Jerri was attracted to Russell as a protector, that he’d proven his strength and she wanted some of that. But Coach just sits back and has a leisurely discussion about it to the camera. Strange. Doesn’t do anything about it. So, Jerri’s weakness is following the strongest player and Coach’s weakness is a constant quest for a good camera shot.

    I agree with your comments about Russell. But you forgot one thing, he’s willing to risk it all and leave it to chance. How can anyone compete against that?

    I really hope the girls don’t dominate just because they team up in gender. That is the most boring thing to watch.

  6. Yeah I agree. It gets boring if that’s what’s going to happen, and yes, Russ isn’t afraid of putting it all on the line.

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