The Amazing Race Anonymous S16E07 (CBS)

The cops arrived first and leave at 12:35AM. They fly to the Seychelles. All teams will be flying on the same flight. When they arrive, they will have to find a marker and take a spot.

I think that it’s an island. It’s a good thing that we ain’t driving there.

A lot of the teams don’t know anything about the Seychelles. The lesbians are in the back while the models used electronic check-in and got seats in the front of the plane.

Teams arrive on Mahe in the Seychelles. The models are 1st. The 1st three teams will fly to La Digue by helicopter. The half-gay brothers and Steve/Allie are the other teams on the 1st batch of helicopter. The cops, the lesbians and the cowboys are on the 2nd batch of helicopter.

I just want to get the mean lesbians out.
Clueless Caite

They face a Detour. They have to choose between Turtle Toddle or Ox Trot. In the first task, they must lure a giant turtle across a field. Then, they must deliver some bananas. In Ox Trot, they must load up a cart with some coconuts. Then, an ox is hitched onto the cart and they have to deliver the coconuts. They must not drop any coconuts.

I’ve never met an ox that I could trust. Turtles are cool.

Caite unwittingly drops a coconut. The ox is hitched and they’ll have to go back for it.

Allie is successful in luring the turtle. They deliver the bananas.

The half-gay brothers decide to do Ox trot but they are careful with the coconuts. Steve/Allie pester the models, it’s funny. The cops do Ox trot while the lesbians do the turtles. Jet/Cord do Ox trot.

Steve/Allie are 1st. Teams must now take a boat to St-Pierre’s Island.

The models get passed by the half-gay brothers. They are disgusted by the shit coming out of the ox’s ass. The models are told that they must go back.

Steve/Allie realize that they forgot their bags. They have their passports, clues and money, but Allie wants to go back. Her dad convinces her to leave it there.

Brent decides to quit. Then they drive the cart back. The cops start driving their cart. The lesbian’s tortoise goes the wrong way.

Steve/Allie face a Roadblock. They must dive down and retrieve a bottle. Then, they must assemble a puzzle map and make their way to the pit stop. The lesbians switch detours.

Steve enjoys the task. Jordan has trouble with the bottles.

The lesbians see the models and find it funny. Jet/Cord don’t realize that they dropped a coconut.

Steve/Allie finish 1st and win a bunch of 7-Up stuff. They also win $7K each.

Dan/Jordan finish 2nd.

The lesbians also drop a coconut under the cart. The models finish the Detour. The cowboys are told that they have to head back.

Oh my gravy!

The models pass the cops on the boat.

The lesbians laugh at the cowboys because they have to head back. It’s funny because they have to head back as well. It’s hilarious.

Brent dives into the water. He does a quick job. The models leave while the cops arrive. They break the bottle on the boat. The might get a penalty.

The lesbians are eating a piece of humble pie when they cross the cowboys again. The cowboys head into the water.

Fatty Louie has got problems swimming.

The cowboys make a quick job of the roadblock and leave for shore. The lesbians are in last place.

The models decide to help the cops with the puzzle. That’s kind of funny.

The cowboys are happy that the lesbians are behind them. The models finish 3rd. The cops finish 4th. They both bitch about the lesbians.

From what I heard, it’s pretty anonymous.
Brent trying to use unanimous

Jet/Cord forget their bottle on the boat. They find the pit stop. They are told that they need to retrieve the bottle. They have to swim 300 yards to the boat. The pass the lesbians again. It’s a race. They head to the shore.

The lesbians finish 5th. The cowboys finish last. They aren’t eliminated. They face a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race.

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