The Amazing Race You’re Like Jason Bourne Right S16E08 (CBS)

The cowboys face a speed bump. Steve/Allie received some bonuses because they won the last leg of the race. They teams must fly to Malaysia at the Snake Temple. Steve/Allie forgot their backpacks and didn’t want to go back to get them. They only have the clothes on their backs.

All teams arrive at the boat to go to the airport. The cops and models talk about the lesbians. Both those teams want to U-Turn them. The cops help out Steve with some clothes.

Teams are all on the same flight from Dubai to Malaysia. Brent/Caite are 1st. Steve/Allie are 2nd. Jet/Cord are last. The half-gay brothers pass the lesbians and the cops as well as Steve/Allie. They make their way to 1st place.

Teams face a Detour. They must do Buddhist Tradition or Chinese Custom. In Buddhist tradition, teams must lug 12 large incense sticks up some steps and light them. In Chinese Custom, teams choose large flagpoles. They must balance the poles on their foreheads for 120 feet. The cowboys do the flagpoles. They have trouble finding a cab.

The cops pass the other teams to be 1st. They get passed by the lesbians. They arrive first. Brent/Caite are close behind. Both teams lug 2 up at a time. The cops, Steve/Allie, and the half gay brothers are stuck in traffic. Steve/Allie and the half-gay brothers run to the temple.

Cord has no trouble running the distance with the flags. Jet has more trouble. They move into 1st place easily. They must make their way to a seaside village.

The cops arrive. Steve/Allie and the half-gay brothers had to run up a hill.

I wish God would turn on the AC.

Jet/Cord find the Speed Bump. They must make their way to find a lady making some spice tea. They must deliver it to a guru.

Louie is coughing up a lung on top of the stairs, while his buddy grabs three incense sticks at the same time.

The cowboys choose the wrong tea on their 1st try. They get it on the 2nd. They are still 1st.

Steve/Allie are still running. The half-gay brother are still running. They get into their cab. They are at the wrong temple. Jordan/Dan try to steal theirs, but Steve doesn’t let them.

Steve/Allie switch Detours because they can’t seem to find the incense sticks.

The cowboys are still 1st. They face a Roadblock. They must smash coconuts until they find a brightly coloured one. Then, they must build a sort of floating device. Jet does it quickly enough.

Brent/Caite finish 2nd. The lesbians are 3rd. The cops are 4th.

Allie can’t do the flags so they head to the other Detour. They are in last place. They arrive at the incense stick task.

The cowboys leave for the pit stop. The lesbians see the cowboys leave from afar. The cops arrive. Louie finds the coconut quickly. The models arrive.

The cowboys finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Maui. That was impressive. I think this is the 1st time this has happened on the Amazing Race.

The half-gay brothers start freaking out. They leave for the seaside village. The lesbians leave for the pit stop. The cops are close behind.

The models leave for the pit stop.

The lesbians finish 2nd. The cops finish 3rd. The half-gay brothers have trouble with the offering. They leave for the pit stop. Brent/Caite finish 4th. Dan/Jordan finish 5th. Steve/Allie finish last and are eliminated.

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