Asterisk*Cycles Becomes AX Lightness Dealer

AX Lightness Zeus stem

I got some great news today. Asterisk*Cycles has become an official dealer for AX Lightness parts. AX Lightness makes ultra-lightweight parts for road and MTB bikes, from the 60-gram Zeus stem to the 195-gram rims.

AX Lightness Morpheus crankset

The big news for AX is that they’ve begun taking orders for their Morpheus crank. The weight for this crank starts out at 375g with standard bearings and bearing cups. For now, it’s offered as a compact 110BCD crank, but an MTB and standard road version will be coming shortly. ($965 USD)

If you’re looking for the perfect ultra-light parts for your dream frameset, look no further than AX Lightness. I especially love the Premium Selection 24mm wheels that they have, which come with Tune Mig 45/Mag 150 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. They weigh 820grams ($2,300 USD). The 42mm aero wheels with the same setup weigh 905grams ($2,500).

All AX Lightness parts are made in Germany. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.


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