Nurse Jackie CandyLand S02E03 (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia

Following the framework of previously established dramadies on Showtime, Nurse Jackie aims to show the life of a RN working at a busy hospital who pops pills and leads a double life.

Nurse Jackie has already created some controversy because of its content. The show is for mature audiences and tells a story about a hard working nurse, dedicated to her job, but with a habit.

This show is a lot better than Hawthorne. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but the situations that Jackie gets herself into are amusing. She’s cheating on her devoted husband with her pharmacist, who supplies her with pills. She deals out her own kind of justice in order to make things right in her own eyes.

Nurse Jackie is entertaining and between all of the new medical dramas, Hawthorne, Mercy, etc., it’s definitely the best.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The girls are doing cupcakes. Kevin doesn’t want O’Hara’s money. Meanwhile, Jackie does a line in the basement. Kaitlin says that Grace has a lot of problems. Kaitlin sees her snorting something and Jackie makes something up.

Coop drops by to see Eddie at his work. Thor told him about Eddie’s suicide attempt. It is all over the hospital.

Some guy got mauled by a Great Dane. His testicles migrated into his pelvic area. Coop is the #23 doctor in Manhattan. He rubs it in everyone’s face. The new guy immediately guessed that Coop hired a publicist.

Zoey is wearing makeup and perfume. The plastic surgeon and the urologist argue about what do to first with ball-man. He decides to go with the balls.

O’Hara is hilarious.

I like to hide my humanity, or at least keep it to a minimum.
Gloria Acilitis

Jackie comes home and finds Eddie with her kids.

* * * * *

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