Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Expectations S20E08 (CBS)

Boston Rob was evicted. This gives the Heroes a chance to make a comeback. At Villains’ camp, Parv and Russ are celebrating. Danielle is also jubilant. Coach takes the high road, but he made the tactical mistake of not voting for Russ. Coach isn’t happy with Jerri. Coach doesn’t think that they’ll win another challenge. Jerri is praying for the merge.

At the Heroes’ camp, Amanda goes looking for JT, who is looking for the idol. He actually finds it. He has to tell Amanda. JT was cornered so that he decides to show it to the rest of the tribe. That’s a bonehead move. Candice doesn’t like him. She wants to get rid of him.

The Villains are starving. Parv thinks that the next challenge has to do with the merge. The Villains pack up all of their stuff. The tribes arrive and see a lot of food waiting for them. There is no merge. I guess that the hunger is affecting their mental faculties. The winners eat, the losers don’t. They are doing some Survivor bowling. Parv vs Rupert. Parv throws two gutterballs. JT vs Danielle. JT scores six while Danielle throws gutterballs. Russ vs Colby. Both guys throw gutterballs. Russ wins. Heroes lead 2-1. Coach vs Amanda. Coach scores 5. Amanda does the same. Colby knocks down one more, but Amanda knocks down 2. The Villains head back with their bags while the Heroes feast.

Jerri is pissed because the tribe decided to sit out Sandra and Courtney. Jerri also regrets voting out Boston Rob. She was one of the main reasons why Boston Rob is out. Jerri picks a fight with Sandra. Sandra

I should be with the heroes, because I can’t stand Jerri, I can’t stand Coach, I can’t stand Danielle, and I hate Russ even more. I’m not picking one of them because I equally hate them all.

Sandra decides to use her magic and make Russ think that Coach is gunning for him.

I told Russ that Coach was talking about voting for him, and Russ is so stupid, he ate that crap up I’m telling you.

Russ talks it over with Parv. He tells her that Coach will flip.

It’s time for another immunity challenge. The survivors will be tied up in pairs and race through the mud to retrieve a flag. First tribe to 3 wins. Russ /Sandra vs Amanda/Candice. There are some gratuitous shots of Amanda’s bum. Nice. Russ and Sandra have given up. Coach vs Rupert. Coach is pretty fast. Coach beats Rupert in a foot race. 1-1. Parv/Courtney vs JT/Colby. Heroes win. Courtney twisted her ankle.

Everyone is voting for Courtney. However, Russ has got another idea. He plans on sending Coach home. Danielle tells Russ that they need to keep Coach in order to win challenges. Russ is pissed that she speaks out and swears at her. He’s a control freak. Sandra hears them argue. Russ comes back and decides that Courtney needs to go home.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff says that because they voted Ty and Boston Rob they have lost 4 challenges in a row. Courtney accuses Coach of demoralizing the tribe. Coach retorts that it isn’t on him, it’s someone else who is bringing this tribe down. Coach is evicted. He’s the 1st member of the jury. Danielle and Parv voted for Coach.

* * * * *

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89 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Expectations S20E08 (CBS)”

  1. I watched the episode and missed the fact that Russell not only didn’t vote for Coach but that he signed his name to his vote to let everyone know he didn’t vote for Coach. At least it was a sign to Sandra that he wasn’t bending to her will and it was a sign to Coach that could sway the million dollar vote to Russell if he makes it to the end. So, at first, I assumed Russell was being played by Sandra but when I saw a post online that Russell didn’t vote for Coach I had to go back to the episode online and watch the end again.

    Now I can’t wait for next week, to see the biggest bonehead move in Survivor history. It looks like JT will make it, but you never know how these things will play out when the episode airs. Hope it’s not Russell who’s going home. I just realized that there must be a merge next week. Why would JT give the immunity idol to Russell when they are on separate tribes?

    By the way, did you see the Ponderosa video of Coach after he was voted off? It’s really quite funny. That guy finds a mirror to pose in and thinks he’s King Arthur. His mind is gone, man, gone. It’s on the CBS Survivor site. You should watch it. It’s in 4 parts, maybe a few minutes each video. It’s the first time I’ve watched the Ponderosa videos but surely won’t be the last.

  2. Hi Miki,

    I actually think I partly figured it out. JT and the Heroes think that there is a women’s alliance at the Villains’ camp, with most likely Parv at its center, so JT hatches the scheme of handing the immunity idol to Russ, so that he can use it and stay in the game until the merge, weakening the women’s alliance. They don’t know that Russ is already pulling all of the strings.

    Coach is totally nutty. It’s hard to imagine that people like this are legally sane. I’d have to bet that he wouldn’t pass a psych eval. Then again, maybe he did. I’m sure that the show has them pass a few evals during casting.

  3. You are thinkin’ Lincoln! That makes perfect sense and plays into Russell’s plan to make the other tribe think he’s in danger of going home. Brilliant. Oh, I hope you are right. That would make Russell look like he’s the all-time Greatest Player in Survivor history, exactly what he wants. And, what everyone will hate. Everyone being the members of the tribes and general public. oh, I am laughing just thinking about it. I am so glad you decided to post another Survivor recap, range. It made my day.

  4. I agree that this would be a total bonehead maneuver. I wonder why JT decided to tell everyone about the idol. He could have easily hidden it from Amanda if he had been crafty enough with his hands. Turning around and putting it into his pants for example.

    Instead, he behaved like a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    No worries about the recap. I’ve been ‘capping Survivor for a while.

    It’s so strange that JT and his buddies believe that there is a women’s alliance, probably because Parv is such a good player. Also, the Villains lost Ty and Boston Rob, so it definitely makes you think about a girl’s alliance.

    It came to me when I was writing something, right after watching the episode. My wife also thinks that it makes sense.

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