V Pound of Flesh S01E06 (ABC)

I really enjoyed the original series. It was something quite astounding to watch. It was a mix between ultra-80s tackiness and just good old plain American science-fiction. I didn’t really get much at the time when it was originally broadcast nor did I watch it really, I just knew of it. I watched it a few times when I was older, when I got the DVD sets. The episodes were a standard science-fiction affair, but the concept was really good.

V tells the story of visitors from outer space coming to Earth to trade with humans. Strangely enough, they look human. In the original series, it took a while to find this out, as they were always wearing helmets for a while. It also took a while to discover that the Visitors aren’t really human. We discover this in the first episode of the new series. The Visitors have got a plan to take over Earth, only the people are too dumbfounded to react. They are in awe of the technology and the trades that the Visitors promise

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I wasn’t expecting much, as the concept of the V show would have been easy to miss. For now, it’s nowhere near as good as Battlestar Galactica, but I’m expecting that the next few episodes will help flesh out the story.

The actors are good, so expect something better than Stargate Universe. The fact that they are using an ensemble cast makes parts of the story difficult to follow. This was true for the pilot, but not for the rest of the episodes

We will see 4 episodes of V in November. The rest will be broadcast in the spring. The 1st season has 13 episodes. All in all, I liked the pilot. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

* * * * *

Some alien in Australia is pissed that his girl was brainwashed by Anna. He uses a bomb. Anna learns that the 5th Column is immune to her Bliss. Anna wants to eliminate them.

Erica is pretending that she is OK with Tyler going to work for the aliens. Marcus makes a speech. He says that Anna will allow humans to live aboard their motherships. People have been chosen through the visitor centers.

Hobbs wants them to wake up the 5th Column. He says that they need to get on Anna’s ship and launch a call to arms by replacing her signal by their own.

Ryan is still lying to his girlfriend. Lia shows him the real ultrasound. She needs a denser concentration of phosphorous. He needs to get something from the mothership. Without this, she won’t survive the pregnancy.

Hobbs turns up at the FBI. He came up with a new plan. The initial plan was to send Ryan, but he won’t go. He’s going to do it. They talk with Ryan. He says that he is going up.

Anna comes up with a plan to ferret out the 5th Column. They will be shown images that will evoke emotions. They will use her reactions as a baseline to test everyone on the ships.

Ryan is heading up to the ships. He clears customs but it arouses suspicion. Someone is following him. He takes the phosphorous first. The man from security takes him with him to get tested with Joshua. Erica drops Ty off at his father’s place. Joe will let him stay, but he tells Erica that they need to tell him why they split up. They need to tell Ty who he really is.

Hobbs had some background checks run on all of them.

Joshua is running the test, but discovers a margin of error. Anna still wants to keep testing Vs.

Jack talks with Chad. He asks Chad to make sure that the treatments that people are getting at the healing centers are safe.

Georgie discovers that Val is preggers. He calls Erica from a shuttle on his way up to the mothership. She doesn’t know that he is heading up there.

Joshua and Samuel tell Ryan that they are also part of the 5th Column. Ryan gives them the message. Joshua tells him that Anna is birthing soldiers. They don’t have much time. Joshua tells him that John May used an old transmitting device. He should go looking for it. He can use it to contact them.

Erica is told by Hobbs that Georgie went up there. She isn’t happy with this.

Anna does her announcement. The message is interjected with “John May Lives”. Georgie sees that Ryan is in trouble. He saves him and kills the security man who was coming after him.

Anna isn’t unhappy. She says that the 5th Column will gather and assemble. They will crush them and win the hearts of the humans who will be living aboard the ships. Ryan gives Val the phosphorous.

Anna orders all of the captives to take some pills. The ones who obey are immediately incinerated. The ones who don’t are the traitors.

Michelle comes to pick up Ty at his father’s place.

* * * * *

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