The Amazing Race Dumb Did Us In S16E09 (CBS)

The cowboys were last, got the speed bump and got in first. Teams must travel to Singapore. They must find Alan Woo, host of the Amazing Race Asia for their next clue. Teams will encounter a U-Turn. The half gay brothers come on the bus where the cops and the models are on. They share the plan that they will U-Turn the lesbians. The half-gay brothers don’t agree.

Everyone is on the same train. Teams travel from KL to Singapore by train. The cops are 1st out. Caite takes a spill. Most teams have trouble finding a taxi. The lesbians are 2nd. The cowboys are bringing up the rear.

The half-gay brothers find Alan Wu first. The teams face a Fast Forward. The team brave enough to conquer the Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world, will speed ahead. They will go to the top. They must exit the capsule and walk to another capsule. When they accomplish this, they will receive the directions to the pit stop.

The cowboys leapfrog back into 2nd. The teams face a Detour. Teams must Pound Drums or Pound Pavement. In Pounding Drums, they must learn a complex routine. In Pounding the Pavement, they make their way to a mall. They must deliver ice creams and sell them. The cowboys and the cops do the drums. The models do the drums too. The lesbians are last. They do the drums.

The cowboys are first at the drums. Caite dances while she learns the drums. The cops are here too. The cops decide to do the FF.

The half-gay brothers are 1st at the FF. The gay one has trouble with heights. The cops arrive and leave when they see FF in progress. Dan has got no trouble going across the gap. Jordan was extremely slow, but he managed to do this. They go to the pit stop, the Marina Barrage.

Most of the teams at the drums are pondering switching detours. The cops start moving their supplies. The immediately start selling ice creams.

The cowboys try the routine. They mess up. The models jump on the opportunity. They complete the detour and get the clue. Teams must now find the Istana Park. The models leave.

Dan/Jordan check in. They are 1st. They win a motorbike. Both guys says that they won’t be using the motorcycles. Their moms would kill them.

The models arrive at the U-Turn. They U-Turn the lesbians. They are happy to do this. Teams must make their way to a shipyard.

The cops’ cab driver buys the last 10 ice creams that they need to sell and they leave for the park. The lesbians try their hand at the drum routine. They get the clue. The lesbians are U-Turned. They have to do the other Detour. The cops are lost.

It’s Brent and Caite Gump.
The lesbians about the models

The cops arrive at the park. They leave for the shipyard. The models arrive and they face a Roadblock. They must inspect an enormous chain. They must count the links in the chain. There are 521 links. Brent does this. There are a lot of distractions there.

The cowboys do the drum routine and get their clue. They leave for the park.

The lesbians argue and bicker. The cops are happy that the models U-turned the lesbians.

Brent gets the count at the 1st try. I’m impressed. Teams must now find Megazip on Sentosa Island. They are in 2nd. The cowboys arrive at the park and leave for the shipyard.

I’m annoyed at how many times Mike says baby. Strangely enough, he’s got a click counter in his pack. He uses it. The cowboys arrive. Mike has got the right number.

The lesbians are last and head to the park.

The models have to launch themselves across a zip line. It’s 1,200 feet long and starts out in the jungle.

Wow, the lesbians are sure ugly while they spew their hate about the models. The models launch themselves across the zip line. The line goes across the water. It’s cool.

The models make their way to Marina Barrage, the pit stop of this leg of the race.

The cowboys and cops leave for Sentosa Island. The lesbians arrive. The cops’ cab driver left. They try to steal the lesbians’ cab. He won’t be bought. They buy a cab from some lady.

The models finish 2nd. They cowboys ride the zip line. They leave for the pit stop. They are surprised that the cops aren’t behind them. The cowboys finish 3rd.

The lesbians leave for Sentosa. Their cab driver tells them that the cops tried to steal their cab.

The closest thing to a musical instrument we play is a radio.
The cowboys

The cops zip down the line. The episode is cut to make you believe that the lesbians are close, but I doubt this. The cops like the mega hot girl who is holding their clue. The lesbians are last.

The cops finish 4th. The lesbians are eliminated.

Dumb did us in.
The lesbians

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