United States of Tara You Becoming You S02E04 (Showtime)

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United States of Tara is a dramedy on Showtime. It stars Toni Collette. It was created by Steven Spielberg and developed by Diablo Cody. The show follows the life of a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. It shows how she and her family copes with her disease. She’s decided to stop taking her meds and to find the root cause of her disorder. T, Alice, and Buck are three of her alter-egos who re-emerge.

* * * * *

I liked the show. There is obviously a part of Tara that likes getting attention from everyone, which is why she prances around in public in different personas, but usually, her family keeps a tight lid on her to help her deal with this.

Toni Collette is a great actress and she plays the role of Tara pretty well. I enjoyed seeing her as T, the wild teenager and as Buck, the drinking vet.

I don’t remember why I stopped posting about this show, maybe they are archived on my laptop, but I remember watching the whole first series and enjoying it. Quite a lot more than Weeds, which had started to become redundant.

* * * * *

Max is taking out his aggression by doing some demolition in their new house. He’s pissed because Tara lied to him. He tells her that they aren’t doing anything. She is going to find a therapist. All the aggression has got Max horny. They get busy. Tara doesn’t want to screw in the house, so they go into the garden.

Kate is giving Tara some much deserved attitude. Charm arrives and talks about her wedding plans. She saw them screwing in the yard.

Tara asks the gay neighbors for a referral. He gave Tara a book from a therapist. She is quick to talk about this to Max. He says that she needs a doctor. She wants to do phone therapy and Skype therapy. It’s idiotic.

We went to quack after quack after quack. It was a duck pond
The gay neighbour

Kate is posing in a Princess Valhalla costume for Linda.

Like Barbie, no holes.

Marsh and Courtney are looking at a bed. They are talking about having sex. They skipped out of school. Courtney’s bag is filled with condoms. Marsh puts on a condom on his penis. He doesn’t have a boner. Courtney has to mention this to him. It’s kind of funny. They have sex and then go back to school.

Oh no, not a centerfold. She’s a subject, not an object.

Kate’s car won’t start, so she calls her parents. They come to get her and find her getting high with Linda. Kate has still got the costume on. Tara meets Linda.

Charm is preggers. Nick wants to buy the place that Max and Tara just bought. It’s Tara’s worst nightmare.

Marsh tells his dad that he’s gay. I think that Tara isn’t seeing anyone, she’s just reading the book. Max discovers that Tara has a new alter, a therapist. This is the therapist that Tara is seeing. No shit.

* * * * *

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