V S01E07 John May (ABC)

I really enjoyed the original series. It was something quite astounding to watch. It was a mix between ultra-80s tackiness and just good old plain American science-fiction. I didn’t really get much at the time when it was originally broadcast nor did I watch it really, I just knew of it. I watched it a few times when I was older, when I got the DVD sets. The episodes were a standard science-fiction affair, but the concept was really good.

V tells the story of visitors from outer space coming to Earth to trade with humans. Strangely enough, they look human. In the original series, it took a while to find this out, as they were always wearing helmets for a while. It also took a while to discover that the Visitors aren’t really human. We discover this in the first episode of the new series. The Visitors have got a plan to take over Earth, only the people are too dumbfounded to react. They are in awe of the technology and the trades that the Visitors promise

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I wasn’t expecting much, as the concept of the V show would have been easy to miss. For now, it’s nowhere near as good as Battlestar Galactica, but I’m expecting that the next few episodes will help flesh out the story.

The actors are good, so expect something better than Stargate Universe. The fact that they are using an ensemble cast makes parts of the story difficult to follow. This was true for the pilot, but not for the rest of the episodes

We will see 4 episodes of V in November. The rest will be broadcast in the spring. The 1st season has 13 episodes. All in all, I liked the pilot. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

* * * * *

Jonathan Frakes directed this episode. I liked him as Commander Ryker on Star Trek: TNG, but his directing style hasn’t impressed me much. We’ll see how it goes with this episode.

10 years ago, The Vs were coming for John May. He tried to escape. Ryan is the guy who has come to get him back.

The human resistance leaves to find John May’s stepson. He will know how to get to the transmitter.

Marcus reports to Anna that Georgie isn’t breaking. They called in a human pain expert. They are infecting him with some parasites. When that doesn’t work, they play him the memories of the V that killed his family.

Meanwhile, Lisa is playing Tyler’s dad. Tyler asks him if she can stay. It turns out that Tyler’s dad isn’t Tyler’s dad. Lisa learns of this by her sly spying. She tells Tyler what she overheard. She plants the seed of doubt. His dad tells him the truth.

Val discovers Ryan’s secret safe. She has the combination reset and opens it. She ignores his calls when he calls. She discovered all of his files, fake passports, as well as the real echograms.

Meanwhile, the resistance doesn’t know that the May’s stepson’s girlfriend is a V sleeper agent.

In the past, Ryan came to see John May. He warns him about the Vs coming to get him.

In the present, Ryan and Jack talks with the stepson. Erica and Hobbs make the V spy pretty quickly. She grows some claw but Hobbs snaps her neck. James goes with them. They don’t know that Grace activated the homing beacon. They make to the storage locker. They are tracked by one of those shard spheres. Ryan calls it a seeker. Erica gets it.

Chad is reviewing some of the tapes of the people who have been chosen to live aboard the V ships. He spots something strange. One of the women has a gigantic family, but she can’t bear any children. He asks Anna about her choices. She spins him some lies and he doesn’t believe her. In exchange for keeping quiet, he wants a bigger story.

Ryan is the one who made John May leave his family. 10 years ago, Ryan killed John May. They find the communicator and talk with Joshua. Joshua finds Georgie. He might be able to smuggle him away in a few days, when the live aboard program starts. Georgie doesn’t want them to come after him. Georgie wants to speak with Father Jack. Georgie asks to be killed by Joshua, who injects him with something.

Erica comes home and finds Tyler in a sorry state. He’ll probably leave for the V ship soon.

Ryan comes back and finds Val gone. The echograms are also gone.

Anna is about to give birth to thousands of soldiers.

* * * * *

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