The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire

I just finished watching the second movie of the Millennium trilogy.This movie, just like the book on which it is based on, centers on who exactly Lisbeth Salander is. The first movie didn’t really go that much into the sordid details of her past, but we know that they were there. Mikael Blomkvist barely touches them.

Russion cover of the DVD

We learn exactly who Lisbeth is and what happened between her, a milk carton filled with gas, and a match. I thought that this was a good movie and it was pretty faithful to the book, although I read it last year and can’t be 100% sure of this. All of the main elements are there. Millennium is investigating human trafficking. One of their new journalists gets brutally murdered, as does his girlfriend. The suspicion falls upon Lisbeth Salander, who just arrived back in Sweden after having spent a year abroad.

In the last movie, towards the end, we saw her swipe millions from Wennerstrom, a corrupt corporate businessman, who landed Blomkvist in jail. During most of this movie, the two main characters never meet, that is until the end.

I find it strange that a person who deals with information finds out that she is the main suspect in a triple murder through newspapers. It’s a strange anachronism, in an age with tagwords and Google Alerts, which can be tailored to monitor any mention of your name in the media. Especially for a world renowned hacker like Lisbeth. I can’t remember if this was the case as well in the book, but in the movie, it seemed really dubious.

The rest of the movie is good. I liked it a lot and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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