24 Day 8 3AM-4AM S08E12 (Fox)

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After a somewhat lukewarm and disappointing season 7, 24 is back with another season. It’s been a while since we saw Jack Bauer and it looks like he’s fully recovered from his ordeal from the end of last season.

Jack is living it up with his family. He’s fully reconciled with Kim and her husband and he’s spending time with his granddaughter Terri, who looks like she’s about 4. One of the biggest mistakes of the screenwriters in the last season was coming up with a fictional African country. It’s really bad that they did this. They’ve done it again with this season. This season features an Islamic republic named Kamistan. WTF you imbeciles? Didn’t you guys learn anything from last season?

This is why Spooks is so much more entertaining because it’s more realistic. I’m kind of annoyed that they’ve done it again this time around. Still, it’s good to see Jack at it again. There was another thing that kind of annoyed me. Chloe is having trouble with the new CTU systems. She’s been back a month and has trouble learning them. It’s really surprising and doesn’t make much sense, since Chloe has always been the über-analyst of this season.

There are some interesting additions in the cast. Katee Sackhoff is most intriguing. She plays another analyst, who’s involved with an agent named Cole.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This season of 24 isn’t bad. I’m entertained. It’s kind of funny how Jack gets roped into things once more. President Taylor isn’t so annoying anymore. Maybe that’s because we see less of her. I did enjoy how she made it clear to Hassan that if a bomb detonates on US soil, she will have to retaliate.

* * * * *

CTU and NYPD are converging onto Tarin’s last known location.

Kayla is trying to get away from Tarin. He gets a call from Samir. He says that Marcos talked. He might be compromised.

Jack is arriving in a few minutes. Tarin sees the SWAT teams converge. The NYPD isn’t listening to Jack’s orders. They go in against orders. The NYPD blunders the op and Tarin gets away with Kayla.

The cab goes through an underpass. They lose them because there were no cameras in the underpass and they lost the drone footage as well.

The probie officer comes to see Walsh. She tries to lie her way out of the problem. He is used to lies and doesn’t really buy her story.

Jack and Cole arrive to see Hassan. Samir calls Talia. Samir says that he wants File 33 for his daughter. Samir gives him 15 minutes to send him the file. It has operational details on all US nuclear defenses, including the radiological detector array. They can’t give this to the terrorists.

Jack tells Hassan that they’ll give him a fake file to send to the terrorists. It might be long enough for them to find the daughter. Chloe found a possible location on them.

Dana calls Cole. She’s in a panic because the probie officer has got a lead on the robbery that she helped Wade commit. He’s got an inter-agency request to access the raw feeds of CTU. He thinks that she gave it to Wade.

Tarin tries to help Kayla escape. Tarin is shot. Kayla manages to get a way in a car. She calls CTU. Thanks to her description, Jack finds the place where the terrorists were hiding out.

Arlo sees the terrorists leave. They see that one of them is Tarin. He isn’t dead. It was all a ploy. This means that they might have implanted something into Kayla.

Jack thinks that there might be a bomb inside her car. The best way to take out CTU is to destroy CTU. It’s an EMP. It fries all of CTU.

* * * * *

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