Stargate Universe Human S01E14 (Syfy)

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Stargate Universe title card

I’ve never been a Stargate fan. I’ve tried watching SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but never really found them compelling enough. I actually like the original movie with Kurt Russell, but the series never really interested me that much. One of my friends recently bought all of the seasons cheaply. I thought about watching them, but ran out of time. Scalzi is a creative consultant on this series and it looks pretty interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

Now, before any bitching and hating starts― too late, it’s already started, I haven’t bothered to read, review, or watch any of the Stargate series, and I’m not going to. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and didn’t continue. I tried Stargate Atlantis, but didn’t like it. My friend told me that starting season 4, SG-1 was really good. I can’t really comment on that as I stopped watching the series after a few episodes.

Basically, I’m a new viewer of Stargate, but I’m not a science-fiction novice. It puts me in an interesting spot about reviewing this show. My point of view is from someone who hasn’t watched any of the SG shows, so this review and recap should be interesting to those of you who haven’t watched SG before. For the others, leave some comments and start a discussion.

Is the show good or bad? Read on to find out more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Compared to the two-episode premiere, Air Part 3 was definitely better. Eli is becoming a leader, a role that he seems to be taking quite seriously. There were some beautiful desert scenes and beautiful helicopter shots. I liked how the crew is starting to bond. Scott, Greer and Eli have developed a good partnership, as well as intrinsic trust.

Instead of discovering things about the Destiny or learning stuff about other galaxies, as the Destiny is currently flying through one of countless other galaxies it has visited, the crew seem like beggars. They don’t have any power, they don’t have any food, they don’t have any air.

I don’t like Telford. He tries to undermine Young’s authority. Even though I agree that Young is a bit of a pussy when it comes to command, Telford just makes a bad situation worse. Spencer is found dead. They find the gun in Young’s quarters. Someone framed him. Wray takes control of the crew, but not for long. This episode ends pretty surprisingly. I didn’t expect someone to be marooned on a planet.

The Destiny been flying around for hundreds of thousands of years. You’d expect that a ship that still had propulsion would have a lot more systems operational, but no. The crew is having a rough time. I understand that these themes should have been addressed in a few episodes, but we’re already in episode 9 and nothing has really happened.

Anyway, I hope that the next episodes are better than Justice. Now that they have almost 40% power, they still haven’t explained why they can’t dial Earth. I mean, they should be able to, right? Rush and Young have an argument about this. Rush says that they don’t have enough power. It’s a bit of a lame argument.

The argument is moot and that is unexplained. Maybe they should just mention that the last chevron can’t be dialed for some reason or the other instead of just leaving it like this.

Another ordinary episode, but that has consequences as a bunch of the main characters are left stranded on a planet. Rush has put himself into the Ancients’ chair.

* * * * *

Rush is remembering some of his memories of Earth. He’s living with a woman. His office is covered in strange equations. Rush is giving a class. He starts hallucinating something. His wife calls. She’s sick with cancer again. He’s like a man obsessed. Daniel Jackson comes to see him. He knows that Jackson is coming to see him about the Stargate program and their problems to unlock the 9th Chevron.

I understand now. Rush has put himself into the chair. They modified the chair. There is a buffer program and they modified it to affect only certain parts of his brain.

Chloe is sucking up to Eli, but it doesn’t look like he’s buying it. The ship is out of FTL. They are near a planet in ruins. They’ve got 6 hours. Both Chloe and Eli volunteer to go onto the planet. On the planet, Eli loses the Kino in some underground maze. They hear some strange noises in the maze. They also find some rather large spider-like creatures. They contact Young. He says that he will send in a team.

Lt James isn’t digging fast enough to get them out of the maze.

In his lucid dream, Rush is starting to bleed from his nose. Young wants to yank Rush out even after he’s been advised that Rush will die.

Rush isn’t making much progress. He sees the number 46 all over the place.

Young comes to see Rush. He tells TJ that the party’s only hope is to get Rush to delay the Destiny’s jump into FTL. On the planet, James decides to use C4. It just makes the situation worse. Talking to the memory of this wife is enough to make Rush decide to abandon his quest and step out of the machine. Rush tells the Colonel that he can’t do anything about the FTL drive.

The Destiny closes the gate and slips into FTL. Rush tells Young that they’ve got an idea on how to crack the master code of the ship. The Ancients based it upon their genetic code.

Eli, Chloe, Scott and Greer are stuck on the planet.

* * * * *

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