Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Going Down In Flames S20E10 (CBS)

The Heroes get a chest. They will be receiving company soon. It’s time for the merge. The Villains receive a key to the chest and a map to the Heroes’ camp. It’s time to merge.

Danielle, Russ, and Parv elaborate their strategy. Russ will tell them that he used the immunity idol and Courtney got evicted. They arrive at the Heroes’ camp. JT thinks that Parv played another idol and that’s why Courtney is gone. How stupid is this guy? Did he actually win Survivor? The open the box and find some food. They have a leg of ham and start chowing down. They immediately start building something. Parv looks like the odd woman out. She feels ostracized. Parv thinks that they will put her name down. Russ tells his tale to JT and Rupert. They are eating that shit up, which is what Sandra would say.

I trust him explicitly.
JT trying to use implicitly, but utterly failing

Sandra tells Rupert what she knows. She says that Parv and Russ are running the show. Rupert now thinks that Russ is playing them. He believes Sandra. He would believe an elephant in a tutu.

The next morning, they have a good breakfast. Parv and Danielle rub the rest of the tribe the wrong way by being greedy with the food. The Heroes go to the jungle and talk strategy. Rupert wants to hedge the vote and play Russ. However, JT is extremely sceptical. He totally believes Russ. They will tell him that they are voting one way and vote someone else off.

Amanda tells Parv that everyone wants her out. The only plan is to vote out Sandra. Parv tells Amanda that she’s got an idol. Amanda doesn’t trust Parv. Amanda just told her enough so that Parv would trust her. Parv won over Amanda in one season, so Amanda isn’t going to trust her at all.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. It’s an individual challenge. For today’s challenge, they will hold onto a pole for as long as possible. After a few seconds, Sandra and Colby abandon. Wow, that was weak! The girls are doing well. Amanda has positioned herself very low. Russ is out. Danielle and Candice look very strong. Rupert falls off. After 20 minutes, Amanda is out. After 40 minutes, JT is out. After 90 minutes, Jerri starts talking about dehydration and steps out. Parv was showing off. She’s only holding on with one foot. Candice is about to abandon. Jeff questions her. She says that the villains can last for a while. It’s between Danielle and Parv. Danielle wants to win because Parv has got the idol. Parv dismounts the pole. Danielle wins immunity. Parv tipped her hand. Rupert knows that she has an immunity idol. The Heroes will be voting for Sandra. Jerri talks strategy with Sandra. That’s idiotic. Sandra says that she’s stuck with Russ. Meanwhile, Russ retrieves the idol and hands it to Parv. So now Parv, has two idols. Amanda tells Parv to play her idol. This brings a bit of suspicion in Parv’s mind. She knows that Amanda was lying, so the Heroes aren’t voting for her. Amanda isn’t that much of a strategic player.

It’s time for tribal. Parv doesn’t know if she’s playing the idol. Rupert complains about the food situation. Danielle says that they should be able to eat what they want. Russ makes sure that the vote seems polarized along previous tribal lines.

I feel like a leper.

Parv thinks that she is in the Heroes sights. Russ, Danielle, Jeri, and Parv vote for JT. Amanda, Rupert, and Candice vote for Jerri. Parv plays her immunity idols. She gives one to Sandra and one to Jerri. The Villains totally outplayed the Heroes. That was the smartest move I’ve ever seen. Parv totally outplayed them. Russ didn’t know what was going to happen, that much is apparent. Rupert mumbles that they shouldn’t have trusted Russ. JT is evicted.

* * * * *

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84 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Going Down In Flames S20E10 (CBS)”

  1. What I love about reading your recaps is finding info I’d missed or forgotten while watching the episode. I didn’t understand why Parvati handed an immunity idol to Sandra, but now reading your recap I remember that conversation Parvati had with Amanda and that Sandra’s name was mentioned. Playing both idol’s was a great move. And Russell was blindsided, but in a good way because the blindside didn’t involve a vote to eliminate him from the game.

    Now the idols have been played, but I guess it doesn’t matter because the Villains have the numbers on their side. Having the idol will only matter when they have to vote against their own alliance.

    I’m so disappointed in Rupert this season. He’s so ineffective and without any personality. What the heck happened to him? Loved your comment about the elephant in a tutu.

    I wonder how this Survivor season is doing in the ratings. So much is happening. And so many favorites back and outdoing each other. Darn, I wish I wouldn’t have peeked at the spoilers, but still am enjoying it and being surprised. The spoiler I’d read was correct about J.T. being booted, but one never knows for sure.

  2. Parv outplayed them all and it looks like Sandra will be aligning with Rupert and company to out Russ, so unless he finds another immunity idol or wins immunity, he’s a goner. Once again, Sandra will be the swing vote. Now that Russ has been exposed as a “villain” to the other Heroes, they’ll retaliate by trying to get him out.

    Meanwhile, Russ still has trouble believing that Parv outplayed him.

    Yeah, Rupert is a pain to watch. I’m glad that Courtney is out. She need some food. She was looking painfully anorexic.

    We’ll see how it goes, though unless Russ pulls a big move, he’ll be gone.

    That was a great move by Parv, totally strategic. What’s more amazing is that she was able to read Amanda very quickly and decided to act on it by giving other people in her sub-tribe the immunity idols.

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