The Amazing Race Feel Like I’m in Like Sicily S16E10 (CBS)

Teams are flying to Shanghai. They have to go to the village that’s known as the Venice of China. All of the teams hook up at the airport. Caite is all happy to tell them the story about the U-turn. Talk about schadenfreude. The half-gay brothers aren’t impressed. They thought that they should have U-turned the cowboys.

Jet/Cord win the footrace and leave for the village. The cops are last. The dumb models are close behind the cowboys. The models are first when the cowboys get lost trying to find the docks. I didn’t know that the cowboys were brothers.

I feel like I’m in Sicily.
Brent trying to say Venice

-It felt tranquil.
-Tranquil, what is that?
-Like, peaceful.
-I gotta write that down
The cowboys

The dumb models are 1st to the Roadblock. They need to make noodles by hand. This isn’t going to be easy. They need to make 1kg of noodles. The world’s shortest man will give them their clue. The dumb models are very impressed with the midget. The cowboys arrive.

The half-gay brothers are lost because of their cab driver. The cops are right behind them, so they’re lost as well. They aren’t at the right place. They meet some English-speaking Chinese who help them out.

The cigarette in Ping-Ping’s mouth looks like a cigar. The other teams arrive. The cowboys finish 1st. They leave with their clue. They go back to Shanghai and the fashion district. The half-gay brothers are clueless. Caite finishes 2nd and the dumb models leave.

The cowboys need to go into the fashion house and battle against quantity to achieve the right quality. A model will give them a sketch. Then, they must find the right outfit for the model. If they match them successfully, they will get the clue.

Don’t let the clothes fool ya, we’re in the fashion world.

The cops finish the Roadblock and leave. The half-gay brothers are stuck with the noodles. Jordan is complaining about his hands being frozen.

The cowboys complete the task and leave for the Honkou football stadium. They had fun with their model. The models arrive to do the fashion task. The cops are near, but miss the clue box. Dan/Jordan finish the Roadblock.

Team face another Roadblock. The person who sat out the 1st Roadblock has to do the 2nd. Teams must assemble a giant puzzle from 96 cards. The puzzle needs to be assembled correctly and handed to a crowd. When they turn over the cards, it will reveal the clue.

The dumb models succeed on their 1st try and leave for the football stadium. The cops turn around a few times and find the fashion house. The half-gay brothers arrive. Jordan was in his element. He loved this task. The dumb models arrive at the stadium. The cops leave the fashion house. The half-gay brothers are close behind.

Surprisingly, Brent is pretty quick with his puzzle but the wind gets involved. Brent and Cord lose a lot of puzzle pieces. Cord finishes 1st. Brent gets all frustrated and starts kicking and shouting. Cord has them all passed out to the crowd. It reveals the clue. The cowboys get their clue and leave for the pit stop.

They need to take the MRT to their next pit stop the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Brent completes his puzzle. The cowboys finish 1st and win a trip to Alaska. The dumb models finish 2nd. Dan finishes the puzzle. They leave and finish 3rd.

The cops finish the puzzle and arrive a few hours later, when night has fallen. They are still in the race and face a Speed Bump in the next leg.

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