The Budget Weight Weenie

Velocite Geos prototype frame

I’ll be receiving a Velocite Geos prototype frame at the end of May. I’ve decided to build it up with Shimano Dura Ace Di2. Here is what my preliminary build list looks like. Since this is a budget weenie and I’m also sourcing parts from the second hand market, I’ve decided for a bunch of reasons to stay away from high-priced German carbon fiber parts. This is a “best bang for the buck” type of build. Ideally, it should have been built up with SRAM Red, since that is the lightest gruppo, but I decided to go with Di2. I’ve been itching to try it out.

I also plan on tuning the rear derailleur other parts of Di2 in an effort to trim off some of the weight. Although this is a weight weenie type build, the emphasis is on durability over low weight, which is why most of the parts aren’t extremely light. For example, I’ll set it up with my training wheels, the Fulcrum Racing 0s, but when I get the AX SRT 24 wheels, the weight will drop by 650g.

Although I’d like to add some ultra-light parts, like a stem and handlebar, after thoroughly researching and reviewing what’s available, I’ve decide to stay away from the lightest possible components. There are many reasons why, but the main ones include durability and price. Spending $400 in order to shave off 30g isn’t the best idea.

One of the reasons why I’m not including the AX Morpheus crank in this preliminary build list, is because of the 152 q-factor. This is quite a bit compared to other cranks, including the Hollowgram SiSL. The Hollowgrams are made out of aluminum and are plenty stiff.

I’ve been asked why I decided to go with Di2. The answer is simple. It’s the smoothest shifting gruppo out there, no matter what people say. Once you’ve tried, you won’t want to go back. I know a few Campy lovers who have sold their Super Record, and quite a few other things, in order to buy Di2. I’ve tried it myself and it’s indescribable. If you can afford it, you should get it.

Velocite Geos size M matte       810g
Velocite SCS saddle                      113g
Fulcrum Racing 0 2 way fit    1470g
Recon ti 11-25 cassette                136g
New Ultimate 31.6 stem              136g
Velocite LICOS 31.8 42cm         185g
Velocite FCS 31.8 120mm          120g
Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL  580g
TRP 960 w pads                             230g
Velocite Ultralight fork               330g
Tune chainrings 50/34T               98g
Di2 STI levers ST-7970              260g
Battery SM-BTR1-A                        70g
Front cable SM-EW79A-E            19g
Rear cable and battery holder    83g
Rear derailleur RD-7970            221g
Front derailleur FD-7970           122g
KMC X110SL Chain                      229g
Tufo Ultra                                        240g
Cinelli Bubble Ribbon tape

Tuning Parts

Fibre Lyte top cap                             3g
Fibre Lyte Pulley Wheels               8g
Fibre Lyte RD plate                           9g
BTP Seat Clamp                                 6g
Parlee FD clamp                                7g


Possible upgrades

(AX Morpheus crank                 370g) -210g
(AX 2100 seatpost 31.6             85g)   -54g
(AX SRT 24 wheelset                820g) -650
CULT ceramic bearings

Velocite Geos                 850g
Velocite SCS saddle             113g
Fulcrum Racing 0                 1470g
recon ti 11-25 cassette             136g
New Ultimate 31.6 stem         $107    136g
Velocite LICOS 31.8         $110    185g
Velocite FCS 31.8 120mm         $90     120gExtralite UL3  stem                          $210    78g
Soul Kozak Top Cap                                       4g
Soul Kozak Seat Clamp                                10g
Parlee FD clamp 34.9             7g
AX 6000 fork             $654    250g
AX Morpheus 152q            $500    370g
AX 2100 seatpost 31.6 22 cm      $373    85g
AX 4000 handlebars         $519     135g
Syntace F99 with Titanium bolts 26     $115    96g
Fibre-Lyte chain rings

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

10 thoughts on “The Budget Weight Weenie”

  1. I was thinking about this. A complete bike that weights 5.8Kg with reasonable priced components(except the cranks).
    bar tape, etc. 100
    Bottle cage Tune 2x carbon 20

    Brake cable Alligator I-Links red 60
    Shift cable Alligator Mini I-Links black 45

    STI Sram Red 280
    front dérailleur Sram Red 58
    rear dérailleur Sram Red 153
    cassette KCNC 12-27 135
    chain SB KMC X10 260
    brakes KCNC C7 red 170

    frame Velocite Geos L 877
    Fork Velocite Bora 330
    Headset FSA 72
    Spacer carbon 12

    seatclamp Token or other 9
    seatpost Woodman Carbo EL 350mm 31,6mm 133
    saddle Keil carbon 100
    stem KCNC SC Wing OS 90 or 100mm 110
    handlebar Velocite Licos 40cm 176

    skewers KCNC or Atik red 46
    Wheels Profi-line criterium 1330 1330
    veloplugs 10
    innertubes Michelin A1comp 156
    tires Schwalbe Ultremo black 390

    pedals Speedplay Zero titanium red 164
    cranks+axle Lightning 185mm 480
    blades FRM 36-50 100
    bolts red 10
    5786 gram

  2. Nice build.
    I like it. The Geos is going to be interesting to build. BTW, the weight of my build is incomplete. There’s a bunch of stuff missing, which is why it’s a preliminary build.

      1. Hi Peter,
        Educated guess. I’ve been told that a size S will weigh approximately 790g, size L is 877 in gloss, so I think a size M in matte would be around that weight, give or take a few grams.

  3. AX6000 fork O_O Looks like a very nice build.

    Get a Parlee FD clamp instead of BTP. Nearly same price, but much better build quality.

  4. @Range,

    regarding the fork just keep in mind that the AX6000 uses a straight 1 1/8″ steerer, while the Velocite Geos has an asymmetric 1 1/8″ – 1.5″ head tube. This was the only way to achieve our target front end stiffness.

    We are working on an ultralight asymmetric steerer fork, but since we do not want to start specifying maximum rider weight limits, I am doubtful if we will be able to make it at much under 330g.

    1. Range,

      Edge Road Tapered works, but it is the same weight as our Velocite Bora fork and the frame ships with a Bora fork as standard…unless we manage to finish our ultralight tapered fork by the time your frame is ready.


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