The Ultimate Weight Weenie

AX 4000 handlebars, 135g, $800

Unlike my previous post, this build is a no holds bar try at making an ultra-light bike. Although there could be other options for the frameset, I’ve decided to build upon a Scott Addict R1 frame, which weighs 790g. While the AX Alpha could be used in such a build, it’s not yet available and the frame itself is almost double the price of the Addict. The same goes for the Spin Gato. The Guru Photon usually weighs more than the Addict, depending on the size, from the reports that I’ve seen. It’s also a lot more expensive than the Addict R1.

AX Premium 24 SRT Wheelset with Tune hubs (MIG45/MAG150), 820g, $2,900

The main difference is that this build uses all of the lightweight carbon fiber parts. The emphasis is on extreme lightweight. As such, AX Lightness parts would be used. Of the main gruppos, SRAM Red is the lightest. It’s also the cheapest and there are quite a few easy ways to tune it.

AX 6000 fork, 250g, $900

The goal of such a WW build is to get it sub-4-kg. This isn’t easy. Also, it’s expensive. My estimate on the AX Lightness parts alone in this build is $8,700. Adding the cost of the frame, other odds and ends, as well as the SRAM Red tuned parts and we’re up to $14,000.

Most AX Lightness parts are custom-made and require 4 weeks lead time. Wheelsets require 6 weeks. AX Morpheus crank will start selling towards mid-May. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com if you want to order any AX Lightness parts.

AX Zeus stem, 64g, $800

Scott Addict R1 frame 790g <- could be replaced with AX Alpha, -210g +$2,500
AX 1000 saddle 55g
Extralite headset w cap 40g
AX SRT 24 Premium wheels 820g
Recon ti 11-25 cassette 136g
AX 2100 seatpost 85g
AX 4000 handlebars 42cm 135g
AX Zeus stem 64g
AX Morpheus inc BB 370g
AX 3000 brakes 130g
AX 6000 fork 250g
Fibre Lyte chainrings 50/34  54g
Red STI levers tuned 243g
Rear derailleur Red tuned  117g
Front D/R BTP Campy 56g
KMC X110SL Chain  229g
Alligator I-link
Tufo Ultra 240g
Deda tape 30g
Fibre Lyte top cap 3g
BTP Seat Clamp 6g
Parlee FD clamp 7g


AX 3000 brakes, 130g w pads, $1,100


3 responses to “The Ultimate Weight Weenie”

  1. mdeth Avatar

    Nice build- but claimed weights do not add up to real weights- especially in the case of your scott addict- their weight is for their smallest frame with no paint.

    1. range Avatar

      Naturally. Real world builds are always heavier. An build with a lot of lightweight carbon fiber parts will lower the weight significantly. In my mind, it always has to be a compromise. The lightest parts aren’t always suited for all purposes. Sometimes a little extra weight is needed.

      1. mdeth Avatar

        heh heh- tell me about it– my scott cr1 sl frame (2006) came in at 935g, but I got the build down to 11.95 lbs and yes, it’s my “everyday” bike.

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