United States of Tara Torando S02E06 (Showtime)

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United States of Tara is a dramedy on Showtime. It stars Toni Collette. It was created by Steven Spielberg and developed by Diablo Cody. The show follows the life of a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. It shows how she and her family copes with her disease. She’s decided to stop taking her meds and to find the root cause of her disorder. T, Alice, and Buck are three of her alter-egos who re-emerge.

* * * * *

I liked the show. There is obviously a part of Tara that likes getting attention from everyone, which is why she prances around in public in different personas, but usually, her family keeps a tight lid on her to help her deal with this.

Toni Collette is a great actress and she plays the role of Tara pretty well. I enjoyed seeing her as T, the wild teenager and as Buck, the drinking vet.

I don’t remember why I stopped posting about this show, maybe they are archived on my laptop, but I remember watching the whole first series and enjoying it. Quite a lot more than Weeds, which had started to become redundant.

* * * * *

Max is unloading about Tara to Shoshanna. Shoshanna suggests letting Tara go a little. This is very strange and messed up. Once again, Tara appears while Shoshanna is in control. She is co-conscious with Shoshanna.

Marsh tries to talk with Courtney, but she isn’t listening. She knows that he doesn’t like girls that way anymore, but she still wants to be with him. Kate wants to go to a comic con, but is told by her dad that she can’t. There is a tornado watch on.

She wants to be a celibate power couple.

When they all step out, they see that the tornado is coming. They all seek refuge in the other house’s basement. Charm is worried about something. She’s claustrophobic. The gay neighbours drop by with bagels and nutella. They don’t have a basement. Tara transitions into Buck, Alice, and Shoshanna in rapid succession. Shoshanna analyzes the gay neighbours and tries to do the same with Kate, but she doesn’t like it.

We’re the dumbest nation on Earth.

All of a sudden, everyone is dancing to some old music, except Charm. Shoshanna reveals to everyone that Charm that she is carrying Neil’s baby. She confronts Charm about her lies. It has to do with a childhood pact that they made together. There is a brief interlude in Tara’s head. The tornado is over. Tara walks out. It looks like the Apocalypse outside. There are trees, power lines and shit everywhere. Tara walks away.

* * * * *

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