Survivor Heroes Vs Villains A Sinking Ship S20E12 (CBS)

Tonight, there will be two immunity challenges. Jerri immediately says that they don’t need Candice anymore. Rupert and Colby say that Candice killed them. The next day, Rupert vents his frustrations on Russ. Russ replies that Rupert is a dumbass.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance challenge. The arms of the survivors will be tied to a bucket over theirheads. They have to keep it up as long as possible. Parv won this and lasted 6 hours. Both Russ and Sandra immediately abandon after a minute. They don’t even know what they are sharing. They are sharing cookies and milk. Colby drops out for some donuts and iced coffee. Danielle, Candice and Jerri drop out for some PB&J sandwiches. Jerri’s ass was showing. It’s Parv vs Rupert. Rupert drops out after about an hour. Parv wins immunity. The tribe get clues to other immunity idols hidden where paths meet. The minute they get back to camp, everyone starts looking for the idol. Sandra finds it. She has to hide it again because the idol is too bulgy in her pocket. Rupert decides to fake an idol. When he gets back to camp, Russ thinks that he knows that Rupert has the idol. Russ tells Sandra that Rupert has it. The girls want Candice gone. Danielle wants to keep Colby around so that she can manipulate him. Rupert and Colby decide to vote for Candice. If three people vote for her, then she’s going to be out.

It’s time for tribal. The sights are set on Candice for switching her vote. Russ says that Rupert is going home. My wife and I agree that Colby is a wet blanket. The tribe is surprised that the idol hasn’t been used. Candice is going home. She gets 5 votes. Colby and Amanda have big smiles.

Karma is a bitch sometimes.

Russ is surprised. The strategy was supposed to be on voting out Candice, at least in Russ’ mind. He didn’t say anything. The girls had their heart set on Candice. Russ says that he’s no longer in control of the game.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. The 1st part involves finding a peg and navigating through a peg puzzle. Then, they must use pegs to climb up a wall in the 2nd part. Lastly, they must solve a puzzle. Colby is last. Rupert was 1st. He’s through the next round with Sandra, Russ, Parv and Danielle. Russ is up fast. Russ uses only two pegs and he’s up. Parv is almost up as well. Rupert moves on as well. Sandra and Danielle are out. Russ wins immunity!

Back at camp, Parv makes it clear that they need to get rid of Rupert. He talks with Danielle. They need to blindside her. Russ was concerned that both Danielle and Parv are too close. The tells each one the same thing. He wants to mess up their games. Parv says that she will talk with Danielle. Russ says that she will tip her hand if she talks with Danielle. That was one of the stupidest ideas ever. Danielle and Parv talk and compare notes. Russ wants to get rid of Danielle, but the girls are already talking with Sandra. Russ talks with Rupert and Colby. They want to get rid of Danielle.

He’s getting outplayed by me and Danielle at this point, and it’s making him a little bit crazy.

They also talk with Jerri and beg her not to change her vote. Russ talks with Jerri. It doesn’t make much sense.

I need you to help me help you.

It’s time for tribal. All of the women on the jury look like they have way too much make-up. They kind of look like clowns, especially Candice and Amanda.

They all talk about Russ and how he tried to split them up. Russ continues to lie at tribal council. Danielle calls him a liar and starts to cry. Russ looks happy and rolls his eyes. The jurors have no sympathy. Parv says that all that they can glean out of this is that Russ is testing their loyalties. During tribal, Russ whispers to Jerri to vote for Danielle. Danielle is voted out. Parv tells Russ that this was messed up. I think that Russ is looking at the long game, not just the short game. He’s looking at the final three and making sure that the cards are stacked in his corner. However, he kind of alienated his whole alliance against him, so he’ll have to find a new alliance.

What Russ should have done was play with his alliance until both Rupert and Colby were gone, then made his move with Jerri and Sandra against Danielle and Parv. His move with Danielle just pits him against Parv, as we saw in the previous. Parv and her coven think that Russ is a lunatic, and he tries to align with Rupert and Colby. My guess is that Russ has got a target painted on his back and he might be the next one out.

* * * * *

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81 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains A Sinking Ship S20E12 (CBS)”

  1. Wasn’t this a fun one to watch? Probably one of the strangest Survivor episodes I’ve seen. I still don’t understand fully why Russell flipped the way he did. As you suggested, maybe it’s strategy for the long term and he’s jockeying for position to reach the end without the threat of his own alliance having stronger ties with each other. He already knows Parvati can’t be trusted, that she will keep things from him to suit her own gameplay. So, with that Immunity Necklace around his neck at the second tribal he had a free pass to try anything without the danger of being voted off. Not to mention he’s trying to show Parvati whose boss. But his mistake is in thinking he can force Parvati to fear him. She can stand on her own. And he doesn’t understand that. But he sure knows how to disrupt the game and leave the other players reeling on shaky ground.

  2. I agree. It was also a bonehead maneuver. Although he still has Rupert and Colby to align with, are they really going to trust him? I wouldn’t be surprised if both alliances just boot Russ out.

    He should have stuck with Parv for a few more evictions, then tried to do something. He looked like a lunatic, but I think that he realized that he had just lost the game. He won’t make it into the finals, which is why he tried this sort of last ditch effort. My guess is that the other players don’t really see why he is so frustrated.

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