The Amazing Race They Dont Even Understand Their Own Language S16E11 (CBS)

Teams make their way to the Garden Bridge for their next clue. Jet/Cord get wrong directions. The dumb models can’t wait a taxi to take them there. They finally find a teenage girl who writes down the Mandarin to find the Garden Bridge. Jet/Cord find a taxi to take them there. Dan/Jordan have trouble as well.

The dumb models are 1st. They must make their way to the Longhua Temple. Caite figures out that they need to take a bus. They manage to get on the right one and Caite gives it to the camera about not knowing where things are on a map. They cannot take a taxi there. The cowboys are 2nd.

The half-gay brothers have been on the race for 2 hours. They haven’t found the Garden Bridge. They are still in the park. They decide to get to the beginning and find the cops. They decide to go to high ground and look for a garden bridge. Louie thinks that they are in the right place.

The dumb models are 1st. They have to do a Roadblock. Teams must count statues in the hall. There are 523. If their answer is wrong, they will have to wait 10 minutes before starting again. Caite gets 520 no her 1st try. 522 on her 2nd try. 524 on her 3rd try.

The cowboys still haven’t found the metro. They finally arrive at the temple. They walk right by Brent. It was really funny. Brent decides to hide out. It takes them a little bit more time to find the clue. Jet decides to count.

Mark is pretty smart. He uses the translation service from the taxi service. The half-gay brothers have problems telling their cab driver to follow the cops. Dan is starting to freak out and cry. It’s kind of funny. They catch up and find the clue at the same time. They need to go to the temple.

Jet gets the right number on the 1st try. The dumb models are still there. Actually, Caite gets it at the same time. Teams must choose a motorcycle to go to some gardens.

The half gay brothers and the cops ask at a hotel and are told they need to take a bus. They arrive. The cops need to toss some coins into a giant incense burner. The half-gay brothers need to do some counting. Dan does it. The cops do their Speed Bump quickly.

I know, I’m just trying to get a barrier.
Brent trying to say bearing

The cowboys find the clue. They face a Detour. In Pork Chops, they make their way to a store that sells stamps. They need to find specific stamps. In Pork Dumplings, they need to deliver dumplings to another place. The cowboys do Pork Chops. The dumb models do Pork Chops. The dumb models argue about going to the bathroom. For some reason, Brent wants to go with Caite to the bathroom, maybe to screw or for her to hold his penis. She tells him to go alone. The cowboys don’t understand them. Caite relents. He tells her to shut up.

Dan gets it on the 1st try. They leave for the Detour.

I took the sidecar and Jordan rode bitch, ah!

The cops get the wrong number. Louie realizes that he didn’t count the two big ones. They go to the Detour.

Jet and Brent find their stamps.

-Baby, I found mine.
-Really, how big is it?
-Huge, like everything else.
Dumb models

Caite finds her stamp. Cord finds his quickly. Teams must make their way to the next pit stop. The cowboys are 1st in a taxi. The models finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Spain. Caite is proud. She thinks that the world now sees that she’s smart. Actually, everyone sees that Brent is a lot stupider than Caite. Caite is definitely pretty stupid as well, but Brent is a lot worse. The dumb leading the dumb.

Dan/Jordan do Pork Chops. The cops do it as well. Jordan complains a lot. Dan finds his. Jordan finds his and they leave for the pit stop. Jordan begs some girls to help them. The cops find their chops and leave.

The half-gay brothers finish 3rd. The cops are eliminated.

We had a gay plan when we arrived in this game.

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