FlashForward Course Correction S01E19 (ABC)

FlashForward title screen, via Wikipedia

A mysterious global event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously see, for two minutes and seventeen seconds, his or her life six months in the future. When it is over, many are dead in accidents involving vehicles, aircraft, and any other device needing human control. Everyone who survived is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen.

A Los Angeles FBI agent named Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) tries to figure out what exactly happened and why it happened. Along with his team, he creates a database of people’s flash forwards from around the world called the Mosaic Collective (for which a website has been launched). Apart from the various catastrophic visions, people also see themselves engaging in unexpected behavior; for example, Benford sees himself drinking again, and his wife Olivia has a vision of herself with another man.


Well, it’s hard to attribute this series a science-fiction label, as unlike the book, the flash forward that the world experiences is only 6 months away. In the book, it’s 21 years and tied to the CERN Large Hadron Collider as well as the search for the Higgs boson. It’s based on a science-fiction novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer. That’s strange. I’ve been thinking about the Higgs boson for the last few days.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A plot tool from Lost has become a TV series in its own right. That’s kind of funny. What’s not funny is how slow the story progresses. Even with Lost, the story moves at a certain pace. The first episode of FlashForward seemed to just crawl along, with nothing really happening at all.

It’s also described as a thriller, but I’d call it a fake-thriller, since none of the thrills are surprising. They are easily predictable. However, the show is beautifully shot. I hope that the next few episodes will move at a quicker pace and we will discover more. No improvement on the pacing. This show was picked up for a full season, but it’s still very slow.

I still can’t believe that Defying Gravity was canceled before this show. Seems like such a waste. At least in Defying Gravity, there is a lot better pacing and the characters are engaging.

As usual, things are moving along very slowly. Janis is alright, Simcoe and Benford finally meet. We learn that Simcoe is behind the flash forwards. He was working with a quantum physicist. I wonder if this is tied to the the search for the Higgs boson with the Large Hadron Collider, like in the book on which this series is based.

This series is faring better than Defying Gravity. It has been given a full first season.

We find out that Mark’s gun killed Dem in the future. This isn’t all. Their foray into Hong Kong has severe consequences for the both of them. Also, Simcoe and Simon make their press conference announcing to the world that they are responsible for the deaths of 20 million people. This makes them mass murderers in the eyes of most people. There is more going on though. Simon discovers as much when he finds that part of his theoretical research was turned into prototypes almost 15 years ago in Somalia, right at the time when one of the other blackouts happened.

In the last episode, we learned who Suspect Zero was and what exactly happened on that day. Although it does answer some questions, it poses some more. Someone in Campos’ family is involved as well as the mysterious D. Gibbons.

Aaron makes an idiotic mistake and Jericho finds his daughter. He goes on the warpath to get her back. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Mark start working together to stop the mysterious people behind the blackout. There will be another since they tortured Campos in front of Simcoe in order to get the full details behind his experiment. Apparently, his experiment enhanced the blackout way out of proportion. It was initially supposed to be a lot smaller.

I found it interesting that there were two moles in the Mosaic investigation. The big reveal is that Janice is one of them, and she’s got a cast-iron alibi. She actually took out Marcy and got shot, so no one is ever going to suspect her.

Dyson Frost’s death was anticlimactic. I was amazed that he just died. He was shot by Alda Herzog. This kind of sucked, because the show had portrayed him as the big bogeyman. Now, Mosaic will focus on the conspiracy itself.

* * * * *

Two days before the blackouts, Campos and Simcoe are at NLAP. Campos gets a call. His dad died.

The day before the blackouts, they are about to start. Campos is gone. It looks like they have a particle accelerator of some kind. This was the cause or the reason why the blackouts happened. Two particle wave fronts collided. The journalist who was there to cover this even knocked her head quite badly. She’s dead.

In the present day, Simcoe is giving an interview. He’s saying that the universe may course correct, pushing the events that they have witnessed into reality. Celia is there. Gough committed suicide to prevent her death.

Campos comes across his sister on a bridge. She pleads him to give them what they want. She’s got laser pointers on her head, about half a dozen. She tells him that he needs to retrieve the QED in 12 hours or they’ll kill her.

Bryce is getting chemo. Nicole comes and finds him. Bryce is told that his cancer is in remission. Nicole is going to give flu shots to some detainees. She sees the photo of Bryce future-love in the files. When she is about to tell Bryce about the Japanese girl, he kisses her and tells her that he wants to live his life now.

Fiona from MI6 is in town. The vic survived the date. He didn’t have a FF. He was bleeding from the mouth. He was poisoned with rat poison. Weeks was supposed to die from a drug allergy, not a gunshot. Weeks had made a big deal for surviving his death date. There have been 4 blue-handers dead in the recent weeks. Someone is trying to knock off survivors. They find blue-hand flyers in his house.

Campos asked some junior agent to check the license plate of the van. The van was stolen two days ago in San Francisco. Mark has got footage of Simon meeting his sister. Benford says that she was kidnapped. He keeps lying to the Mosaic investigation.

Simon tells Simcoe that his sister was kidnapped. She has been missing since the blackouts.

Fiona and Dem go see the high school teacher Slingerland who was been involved in the Blue Hand. He knew Andrew. They want a list of the blue-handers who knew him. They also tell him to watch his back.

Banks goes to see Gabriel at the hospital. He’s got a picture of the Mosaic investigation board in his book.

A barista ids Slingerman as the one who was seen talking with Weeks. He’s probably the one who is killing them. Slingerman is trying to course correct the universe. He’s going after Celia next. They stop him before he can ram her. No is after him Celia gets run over by Fiona. She’s still alive for now.

Fiona is told that Celia isn’t going to survive.

Benford goes after Campos’ sister. They find her. Benford talks with his sister and then says goodbye to Mark. He took the QED ring.

Mark finds out that Simcoe is still seeing Olivia. He finds her at his place. He talks with Simcoe. Simcoe says that Campos went missing the day of the blackout. They discover that Campos is Suspect 0. Campos took the QED.

Annabelle tells Benford that she couldn’t ID any of her kidnappers. They had these strange masks on. She says that they said that he will cause another blackout.

* * * * *

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