Fringe Northwest Passage S02E21 (Fox)

Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different. Fringe is the latest show of wunderkind J.J. Abrams. Like most new shows, the pilot was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago.

Just like a few other shows, like True Blood, I’m happily surprised by Fringe. The production values are great and I’m enjoying it a lot. A lot of money has been pumped into this show, and it just looks fabulous. The protagonists are also an interesting bunch. There isn’t much more that we learn of the Pattern, but Massive Dynamics is most definitely deeply connected with those events, even though they aren’t sharing their information with Agent Dunham.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The code for this week is SECRET.

Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s getting better and better, and I like it maybe a bit more than X-Files. Why? There are less filler episodes. Most episodes deal with the mythology of the show.

We found out what exactly happened to Peter in the last episode, Peter. It details how and why Bishop went to the other universe in 1985, piercing the veil between universes for the first time. There were unintended consequences, things that will happen because of this.

It begs the question: would you destroy another universe to save your child?

At the end of the day, this was precipitated by one of the Observers. He got entangled in the story and this is what pushed Bishop to go to the other side to save Peter.

Although Peter doesn’t want to contact the FBI, he has to since shapeshifters and Newton are plaguing him. He’s in Washington State with Martha Plimpton, who I remember from Goonies. Anyway, things get out of hand when a few murders happen. Instead of keeping Peter’s location to himself, Broyles tells Olivia, who immediately tells Walter. At the end of the episode, Peter meets his read dad from the other side, Walternate.

* * * * *

The code for this week is RETURN.

Peter is traveling. He talks with a cute waitress, who will burn him a CD. That’s for what she’s known for in these parts. She writes her Os with hearts. After work, she gets abducted. They are performing operations on her, possibly extracting some brain matter, kind of what Newton used to do before.

The next morning, Peter wakes up. He’s been waiting for her in the lobby for a few hours. He gets woken up by a strange call. He leaves a bit later after she hasn’t come to see him. Her name was Christa. Peter drives by and stops. He talks with the Sheriff. In the crowd, Peter sees Newton. The Sheriff takes Peter in for questioning. The body has been found. In the squad car, Peter overhears that Christa had a piece of her skull sawed off. He asks her to check with the coroner if a piece of her temporal lobe is missing.

Peter Bishop calls Broyles to extend his credentials. He also doesn’t want his father to know about him. The Sheriff checks up on them and he’s vetted. He examines the body and then goes to a motel.

On the way there, Peter gets some guns. When he arrives, he gets another strange call. Right afterward, he gets another call. Matthis says that Ferguson has disappeared. She says that the calls never happened. Matthis wants to call the FBI, but Peter stops her because if they come down here, the others will disappear.

In Boston, Walter gets arrested after freaking out in the grocery store. Astrid finds out that Walter has been running low on food. The place is a mess. He needs help. Walter is worried that they will send him back to the hospital. Walter wants to try and detect objects from the other universe and heads to the lab.

Ferguson was going to the place that the body was discovered. Peter hears something in the distance and finds Newton. They shoot something at him. He shoots back. They are gone. Matthis comes up to him. Peter notices that she’s got blood on her jacket. He thinks that she’s a shapeshifter. She cut her wrist and knows about her pen. He tells her about the shapeshifters. Matthis wonders if Peter is hallucinating.

They get a call. They found another body. It’s another white female. Peter has never seen her before. They find the victim’s truck on their way back.

Back at the precinct, Peter decides to do some tests on the bodies. He measures adrenaline spikes. The adrenaline was metabolized by the tissue, so he finds out how far they were apart. In the kill zone, they find a dairy farm. They go to the farm and find the owner there. He seems normal enough, which is until Peter is left alone with him and he finds Krista’s CD. He comes at Peter with a hammer. Peter gets him. The Sheriff arrives in time. Craig says that he couldn’t stop. He just wanted to be close to the girls. They find Ferguson and the operating theater. It turns out that Craig was just human.

Olivia comes to find Walter and tells him that she found Peter. He’s in Washington state. Peter is listening to Krista’s CD. He finds Newton in his room with a dart gun. Mr. Secretary is there. He’s Walternate.

* * * * *

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