Survivor Loose Lips Sink Ships S20E13 (CBS)

Rupert is pretty happy. Jerri comes whining to Parv that Russ was threatening her, that’s why she voted for Danielle. Parv no longer trusts Russ. Russ tries to spin this. Parv tells Russ that she is worried about going next.

The next day, they get a Sprint phone. The tribe members see some loved ones in the video.

It’s time for the next challenge. Jeff takes the phone back. Part of the reward is spending time with their loved ones. Russ’ wife is pretty cute. The tribe will use a pail to ferry water and throw it to their family member. The first pair to fill up a pail will win. They will leave for another island and spend some time together. Colby is shit at this challenge. Russ’ wife Melanie is doing well, as is Jennifer, Jerri’s sister. Jerri/Jennifer win. Colby is frustrated with his big bro Reed. He blames him for losing. Jerri gets to choose another tribe member. She chooses Parv and Sandra. Russ is pissed. This leaves the boys together to strategize. The people on the reward go to the blowholes and toss in some coconuts. Then, they get some food. Jerri is worried that Russ will take it out on her because she didn’t choose him.

Back at camp, Russ says that she should have taken a guy. It would make sense strategically. Russ forms an alliance with Colby and Rupert. They want Russ to get Jerri to vote for Parv. I don’t think that this will happen. Later that night, the girls come back. In the middle of the night, Rupert works on some firewood.

I don’t know if it’s incredible cockiness or just complete stupidity. I’m leaning more towards stupidity, quite frankly. I want to kill Rupert right now. I want him gone more than anything in the entire universe.

Jerri can’t sleep and goes to talk with Russ. Russ wants her to go along with his plan. He will deal with her right before tribal council.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribe members have to hold poles on the top of their hands. When the poles dropped, they are out. 15 seconds into the challenge, Colby is out. He’s a total wet blanket. A minute in, Sandra is out. Russ is out a wee bit later. Jerri is out. Both Rupert and Parv have got a pole that’s about to drop. Rupert is out. Parv wins immunity. It was a close one, but it was predictable. Parv is very good at endurance-based immunity challenges. Rupert wants Sandra to go home.

Russ tells Parv that Rupert is going home. Russ thinks that he has to go back to the girls. Sandra tells Rupert that she wants Russ gone. Rupert goes to see Russ. Russ goes to see Sandra and Parv. She says that she is against him. Parv is laughing.

I don’t know what is going on. This camp is turning into crazytown.

Rupert and Russ want to vote of Sandra. Jerri is there. She just grimaces.

It’s time for tribal. Sandra is talking a lot. It’s all about Sandra vs Rupert vs Russ. Parv thinks that she is a Hero in the inside. This is the last time that Sandra can use the immunity idol. She’d be stupid not to use it. Sandra uses the idol so Rupert will go home. Russ asked Parv if she knew about this. The vote is 4-2 for Rupert. It looked like the idol was played in vain, but it’s better safe than sorry.

* * * * *

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89 thoughts on “Survivor Loose Lips Sink Ships S20E13 (CBS)”

  1. I’ll miss your updates after next Sunday. One thing about this episode, I was surprised that Russell voted for Rupert. So, what was he hoping to accomplish with telling the Heroes to vote for Sandra? With his vote for Rupert, he knew Sandra wasn’t going anywhere. I doubt Colby will make it any further. His heart isn’t in it. He has no fight left. Then it’s all up for grabs. It will be an interesting finale. And I can’t wait for the after-show discussion with Jeff.

  2. Russ isn’t making much sense, but my guess is that he decided to get rid of the Heroes since he knew that if any Heroes went into the final, they would win. However, this still leaves him with a bunch of women aligned against him. Maybe if he can make Jerri vote with him, he’ll be able to get rid of Parv, but I doubt it.

  3. Yes, that makes sense Russell decided to get rid of the Heroes to make sure neither slips through to the finals. But I think that was more from Parvati’s influence than anything else. She’s the most vocal promoting the ousting of the Heroes. I think Russell has a little crush on her that even he won’t admit to. And I think it’s because she’s the only woman who has gone toe to toe with him and not backed down. I never liked Parvati much, who uses flirting as gameplay, but this time I’m actually gaining a little bit of respect for her.

    Rupert was a dismal disappointment. And I loved him when he was a pirate. He and Colby went soft this time around.

    I think Russell is over-thinking everything and that’s why he keeps flipping every minute. And I don’t rule out that he’s flipping out a little as well. hee hee hee

    We’ll see…

  4. I’ve always liked Parv, but her über-flirtiness isn’t how I like the game being played. She’s one of the strongest players though, because she isn’t stupid. Remember that crazy move she did with the two idols? I think for that alone she deserves to win.

    I think that Russ is being outplayed by Parv and he knows it, which is why he’s getting really angry and annoyed with everyone. Unless the tribe outs Parv in the next tribal, my bet is on her to win.

  5. If that were to happen, that Parvati wins, I wouldn’t mind either. Before this season I would have been disgusted but I agree with you, she’s outplayed the others. Especially with a target on her back for most of the game. But having Russell on her side didn’t hurt either.

    I’m not sure if the final is this Sunday (today) or next Sunday. I’d better check. Hope it’s not this Sunday, I’ve been watching ‘The Apprentice’ and I think that show’s finale is coming up as well.

  6. ugh! Thanks. I usually don’t DVR, maybe I’ll flip channels for an hour during the commercials. I mean, I do want to watch both but I prefer watching a show once and not have to go back to it later. I can always go online to the website and watch the posted episode vid later if I miss something big. I think I’ll focus on Survivor and flip for bits of The Apprentice. what to do… what to do…

  7. Personally, I download my episodes and watch them at a later date. No commercials and once I’m done, I delete them. That way I’m not tied to a schedule. Been working this way for a long time.

  8. Good plan, but I’ve learned to use the commercial time to get things done around the house. In between programs it doesn’t feel like the drudgery it is.

    And, as for you downloading episodes, so that’s how you capture the moments so precisely! Well done.

  9. Yep. Sometimes I have to pause and rewind to capture some of the quotes, but usually, I rarely stop it while I’m watching.

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