Supernatural Swan Song S05E22 (CW)

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Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean, who are hunters. They hunt demons. This is because their mom was killed by a demon. This season, the boys discover more about their past. In the last season finale, Dean was sent straight to hell by Lilith. He had sold his soul to save Sam.

The plot of the series has evolved over time, beginning initially with the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, looking for their father throughout most of season one. Once they find him, the show becomes about killing Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon responsible for the death of their mother. This is accomplished, but not until after Azazel’s plans are completed and a door to Hell is opened, although only momentarily, releasing a horde of demons into the world. This event also sees the death of Sam, who is subsequently resurrected by Dean selling his soul at the end of season two. In the third season, the plot of the show focuses on trying to save Dean from his deal. Along the way, they meet a demon named Ruby, who has an interest in Sam and claims to be able to help save Dean, as well as Bela Talbot, an “acquirer” and seller of occult objects who is constantly a thorn in their side. The brothers eventually manage to track down the demon who holds Dean’s contract, a powerhouse named Lilith who also wants Sam dead. However, Sam and Ruby ultimately fail to save Dean, who is killed and sent to Hell. Season four begins with Dean, miraculously returning from Hell, awakening dazed and confused in a grave. He was apparently rescued by a supposed angel named Castiel on orders from God. Sam on the other hand, has further developed his abilities with the help of Ruby during the months that Dean has been dead. It is soon revealed that Dean was revived to help stop Lilith’s plan of breaking the 66 seals, which would let Lucifer walk free once again. As the series continues, Dean learns of Sam’s newfound ability to excercise demons using his psychic abilities. They have a heated argument, where Dean confesses to Sam: “Cas told me, if I dont stop you, he will. That means God does not want you doing what you are doing Sammy.” [From wiki]

I don’t really remember what made me stop watching this show, but a friend was extolling its virtues and I watched the fourth season premiere with her. Actually, I do remember. I really got tired of the repetitiveness of the episodes. This seems to have changed drastically since the last few seasons though. Supernatural has matured into a really good show, with its own flavor and great plots. The plot for season 4 is really good and I’m glad to see God involved.

I’ve watched and reviewed all of season 4, but I have yet to post it. If there is any interest, I will do so. There are a couple of shows which I have watched for which I haven’t posted anything yet. Those include Royal Pains and In Treatment season 2. I’m sure there are others.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Season 5 started pretty much the same as when season 4 ended. Lilith and Ruby are dead. Sam hastened the Apocalypse and Dean couldn’t stop him. The season starter was a bit lowkey. Nothing big really happened. Oh, but then again, Lucifer is walking on Earth! It’s the End Times and Lucifer has to find a vessel. In the end of the episode he does so.

I don’t know what I was expecting, probably something slightly different since we knew that all characters would return for the sixth season, but Supernatural managed to surprise me. This was a fitting end to this story arc, which was really good in my book. The episode started with Chuck’s narration and ends the same way.

I guess that they’ve covered all of their bases. Dean is back with Lisa and trying to live a normal life. This is something that he promised Sam he would do. I was surprised that the Archangel Michael as well as his vessel Adam, Dean and Sam’s brother, is also trapped in the cage. However, if God deemed Sam worthy enough to be out of the cage, maybe he also freed Michael and Adam.

Sam managed to find a moment of clarity, when he was able to remember his life with his brother, and fight the Devil off for a few moments. This was long enough for him to dive into the cage.

With the show finishing its 5th season this week, I decided that it was a good idea to post all of this season’s shows. I still have to post most of season 4. I don’t know if I’ll do this, but this season was filled with good shows.

I had one issue with the last episode, Two Minutes to Midnight. In it, Death reveals that he will reap God. While this might make sense in the mythology of Supernatural, I doubt that this would ever happen. It’s blasphemous to think like that, but I guess that this happens when you try to integrate different types of beliefs into one show. I think that they were trying to indicate that Death was somewhat different then the Horseman of the Apocalypse named Death. Death stated that he was as old as God, or even older.

After further researching the issue, it’s actually hard to say what exactly death is in Christianity. I though that the personification of Death was something that was created by God, but this isn’t true. God didn’t create death. Death came to be because of the Devil, though I am even unsure of this. The passages of the Book of Revelation are scant on details. One thing is for certain, the concept of Death in Supernatural equates it to something a lot different than what death is in Christianity. In Supernatural, Death is just a return to entropy, to destruction. I think that also the whole mechanism of the reapers is tied into Death. However, I don’t believe that even in this mythology, God can be reaped by Death.

* * * * *

This is the season finale of the fifth season of Supernatural. The show has been renewed for a sixth season in February.

Chuck is telling the story of the Impala and the Winchester’s life inside of it.

Dean tells Sam that he’s in with Sam’s plan. They have to get some demon blood. The Devil is in Detroit. They all leave. Lucifer always said that he would jump Sam’s bones in Detroit and here they are heading there. Sam wants Dean to let him rot in the cage, he won’t try to break him out. They arrive. They find about two dozen demons guarding a block. Dean knows that the Devil is here. They say their goodbyes. Sam has to drink gallons of demon blood. He’s juiced up. They go see Lucifer. His vessel is all burned up. Lucifer says that he doesn’t burn hot, he burns cold, that’s why it’s chilly. Sam dispels the demons and says that he is here to say yes. The Devil knows all about their plan and knows that Sam has the rings. The Devil says that they will fight their little round and see who will come up top. Dean opens the cage. Dean is taken over by the Devil. The Devil closes the cage. He takes the rings and disappears after telling him that this would always happen in Detroit.

The Devil talks with Sam. The Devil shows him Azazel’s gang, who kept watching him since he was a rugrat. Sam and the Devil kill the demons.

Cass says that the Apocalypse has started. Lucifer will meet Michael on the chosen field and they will destroy the Earth.

Dean calls Chuck. He says that it will go down in Stull Cemetery, outside of Lawrence. Cass and Bobby don’t come.

At high noon, Lucifer and Michael meet. Apparently, Lucifer made God leave. Lucifer tries to convince Michael not to fight. It doesn’t work. Dean arrives.

Dean, even for you, this is a whole new mountain of stupid.
The Devil

Cass and Bobby arrive. Cass throws something at Michael. He threw a Molotov cocktail filled with holy fire. Michael burns up and disappears. Cass says that he has got 5 minutes. Michael will be back and angry. The Devil snaps his fingers and Cass explodes. The Devil kills Bobby after he tries to shoot him. The Devil starts beating Dean to a pulp. The Devil sees one of the soldiers that Sam stuck in the Impala when he was a kid. He pauses. There is a montage of all of the things that they have done together. This is enough for Sam to take control again. He takes the rings and opens the cage. Sam jumps in. Michael is back. He wants to fight Lucifer. Sam jumps in. Michael tries to stop him. They both fall inside. The cage is closed.

Cass is back with his wings. He makes Dean’s wounds all better. Cass thinks that God brought him back. Cass brings Bobby back.

Cass is planning to go back to Heaven. It must be anarchy there, with Michael in the cage. He winks away. Dean goes on the road. He goes back to see Lisa.

While telling the story, Chuck winks away.

Later, Dean is eating dinner. Sam is outside the house looking in.

* * * * *

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31 responses to “Supernatural Swan Song S05E22 (CW)”

  1. SK Avatar

    Felt like a series rather than season finale.

    When Chuck vanished, there’s a lot of talk of whether he’s Gabriel (the trickster) or God. I hope the next season reveals that.

    1. range Avatar

      It did feel like a series finale, I’ll give you that. That’s because the storyline has been leading up to this episode for a while.

      It’s true that Chuck vanishing like that means something. I’m pretty sure that he can’t be the trickster, but who could he be? We’ll probably find out next season.

  2. memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] Supernatural S05E22 […]

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