Chuck Versus the Tooth S03E16 (NBC)

Chuck is an American science-fiction television program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend Bryce Larkin, a rogue CIA agent, which happens to embed the world’s greatest spy secrets into his brain. This is called the intersect.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chuck.

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

Chuck has just started its third season and it’s still entertaining. The mix between an everyday guy and espionage doesn’t get boring, since the character of Chuck actually puts us in these situations as well. I recommend it, though it’s not for everybody.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The third season started a bit strangely. Chuck has been training for a while, but it isn’t really working out. He’s not able to control the Intersect. Does anyone else think that this is like controlling the Force? Maybe Chuck should get some training from a Jedi Master to calm his nerdy and horny mind.

This was a hilarious episode. I loved all of the Dune references. One of the funniest moments was when Chuck was in the loony bin for spies. That was really funny.

* * * * *

Chuck and Sarah are watching TV. Chuck keeps having terrible nightmares. Chuck thinks that he has prescient visions about things in the future. Beckman assigns Chuck to see a CIA therapist. It’s Doc Brown from Back to the Future! Christopher Lloyd thinks that the Intersect is interacting with his subconscious. It could drive him insane. The doc is benching Chuck, ie removing him from field duty.

Awesome is back. Morgan makes another Dune reference. He says that fear is the mindkiller. Also, the name of the episode is Vs the Tooth, which must be a reference to the tooth that Dr. Yueh inserted in Duke Leto Atreides in Dune.

Chuck tells Morgan about his dreams about the imaginary country of Zamibia. Chuck thinks that the President will be assassinated at a Beethoven concert tonight.

Anna comes back to the BuyMore, looking all hot. She wants to see Morgan. She comes across him in a tux. He’s going to the symphony with Chuck. He tells her to call him tomorrow.

And my codename is Cobra.

The agent who poisoned Awesome is at the BuyMore. He is here to see Ellie. He was the camp supervisor. Justin says that he works for the CIA. He wants to talk to her about her father. She says that John Casey is an NSA double agent. He is after her father as well. Obviously, Justin is a Ring agent.

Casey and Sarah go after Chuck and Morgan. Chuck falls asleep at the concert. He keeps seeing Shaw and he keeps shooting him. He says that the dream is about a scientist, Dr. Kwome.

Casey shoots Morgan with a tranq gun. Chuck gets into the President’s box and knocks out Kwome’s tooth after he flashes on the tooth. It’s supposed to be a Ring device. Chuck gets committed.

Beckman is concerned. Chuck is in a bad place. Dreyfuss thinks that Chuck is a lot worse than he thought previously. Chuck is in a spy loony bin.

Everyone here is a spy like me.

Ellie comes to see Casey. She sees his weapons. She is totally freaking out. She tries to convince Awesome about this. Devon says exactly what Justin said he would. He said that Ellie sounds a little crazy.

Sarah and Casey go see Chuck, who’s acting totally nuts. He gives her the tooth that he got from Kwome.

The truth is in the tooth.

Sarah gets the tooth analyzed. The tooth is completely human. Chuck was wrong. He’s going insane.

Anna gets snubbed by Morgan once again. Sarah tells Chuck that the tooth is just a tooth. Kwome comes to see Chuck. He is told that he took the wrong tooth. They inject him with a truth serum. He tries to escape. The crazies help Chuck out.

Sarah and Casey arrive just in time. Kwome was doing illegal genetic research and selling it to the Ring. Beckman apologizes to him but Dreyfuss needs to clear him. He does so but is told that the Intersect will continue to put stress on his brain. He might deteriorate. He says that he should discuss it with Sarah.

Anna just came to return some of his stuff. Then, she kisses him. She wants him back. He says that he has changed but if it took him running away from her to make her realize that she wanted him, he doesn’t want to be with her. He leaves her.

Chuck doesn’t talk with Sarah.

Justin comes to see Justin. Ellie gives Justin a way to contact her dad. Chuck has more dreams. He dreams of Shaw, who tells him that he is still alive.

* * * * *

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