Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Anything Could Happen S20E14-15 (CBS)

Russ tells Parv and Sandra that using the idol was a bad play. Sandra doesn’t care. Russ is kind of flipping out. He thinks Parv knew about it. He tells Jerri and Colby that Parv is the next one out. Jerri agrees.

The next day, they get treemail. There’s a bag of puzzle pieces. Now, Russ says that Colby should go home if he doesn’t win immunity. Russ wants Sandra and Jerri in the top 3. If Colby wins, he says that he wants to get rid of Parv.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will balance ceramic dishes along a balancing arm. When the dishes fall, they are out. This is the same challenge as from Survivor China. After 9 dishes, Sandra is out. After 14, Jerri is out. After 16, Russ is out. After 17, Colby is out. Parv wins immunity again.

I don’t know how to quit, it’s just not in me.
Wet Blanket Colby, right before crying

Colby makes a surrender speech and talks with Russ a bit later. Russ still doesn’t know what to do. Both ways have their dangers.

It’s time for tribal. Colby is talking about his game and that no one wants to sit next to Parv in the finals. Everyone wants to sit next to Sandra. Colby is evicted. No surprise there.

Colby managed to stir up Parv’s paranoia. She says that she’ll try very hard to win immunity. The next day, Jerri and Russ talk. They need to win over Parv. Russ thinks that Parv was riding on his coattails, but in actuality, Parv was cleverly manipulating Russ with her feminine wiles. They have a crappy remembrance ceremony for their “fallen comrades”. Whatever. Bunch of BS if you ask me. I FF through that whole thing.

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. They will navigate through a maze blindfolded. Each guide post leads them to a series of platforms. They need to collect corresponding necklaces in order to win immunity.

Russ and Jerri are the 1st ones out. Sandra is lost. Jerri is motivated. Sandra tries to untie Parv’s dress. Russ has his 2nd. Parv made up some ground. She’s got her 2nd. Jerri has her 2nd. Parv keeps bumping into stuff. Jerri has her 3rd necklace. Parv has her 3rd. Sandra has her 2nd. Russ has his 3rd. Russ and Parv are looking for the same necklace. They have their 4th necklaces. They are looking for the finish. Jerri has her 4th necklace. Russ is right in front of the necklace but misses it. Jerri and Parv are coming up behind him. Russ wins immunity. That was a close one.

Russ says that he needs to keep Sandra because he could only get Courtney’s vote. That’s ridiculous. Sandra is a crafty social player. Russ doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Jerri, Russ, and Sandra talk. They plan on voting for Parv. Parv and Russ talk about the votes. Parv wants to get rid of Sandra. It’s clear that Parv knows exactly what’s up. She knows that Sandra is the next strongest player, the one that will get the most votes.

It’s time for tribal. Sandra is talking about the votes. Parv feels vulnerable. There’s trouble in paradise between Parv and Russ. It’s time for the final vote. Jerri is evicted. That was surprising. I thought for sure that Parv was going to go. Well, the two strongest players will face each other in the jury vote.

The remaining three get a feast. Russ makes a fuss and Sandra burns his hat. They burn the camp before heading to tribal. Sandra starts out and says that she made it all by herself. Russ annoys everyone. Of the 3 speeches, Parv’s is the best. Colby tells Russ that he is delusional if he thinks that he came into the finals without any luck. Parv talks about her incredible move with the two immunity idols. Coach spouts a bunch of nonsense. Coach is Christian and he talks about voting without preconceptions. Amanda talks to Sandra about her strategic play. She says that every time she tried to get Russ out, the Heroes went back to Russ. Courtney will be voting for Sandra. JT talks about beds a lot. Jerri says that she is undecided. Candice tells Russ that he told dirty lies. Candice says that Parv just played under Russ’ thumb, so that didn’t look too good for her. Rupert says that he was manipulative, a liar, and deceptive person. Rupert thanks Sandra. Rupert says that Parv and Sandra deserve to be in the final three.

Jury votes

Jerri                       Parv
Candice                Sandra
Courtney             Sandra
Amanda               Parv
JT                           Sandra
Danielle                Parv
Colby                    Sandra
Coach                    Parv
Rupert                  Sandra

Survivor Reunion

It looks like Russ knows that he didn’t win… again. It’s clearly Parv or Sandra. From the body language, I’d say Parv won and I was wrong. Sandra won again. It was a close vote, but she was the least despicable of the remaining Villains, from the jury’s point of view. It was a bit disappointing and I don’t think that she deserved to win. Parvati really deserved it. Russ should have gotten rid of Sandra instead of Jerri. That way Parv would have won it. I wonder if she knew that this would happen. Unlike Russ, Parv was acutely aware of how the jury was going to vote.

Sandra is wearing a tiara. It looks stupid. Russ doesn’t make much sense and is a bad loser. Russ thinks that there is a flaw in the game of Survivor. He wants the viewers to have a vote.

Russ brought the letter that JT wrote to him. Sandra’s husband is back for two weeks and leaving for Afghanistan. Russ admits that Parv should have won. Russ isn’t answering Jeff’s question about playing the game knowing about the jury votes. Russ says that he doesn’t care. B Rob says that Russ doesn’t play the game to win. He played the game to get to the end. That’s not winning. B Rob isn’t shaking Russ’ hand.

JT wins a little trophy for the dumbest move in Survivor history. America chose Russ to win $100K. Survivor is heading to Nicaragua. I think that Exile Island will be back.

* * * * *

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80 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Anything Could Happen S20E14-15 (CBS)”

  1. You know, I never liked the Exile Island concept so I hope it won’t be back. I like the immunity idol hidden in the camp but they should be more creative in hiding it. Why not at the top of tree or something? Make it hard to find.

    I told you I’d read the spoilers and every one was correct. I knew Sandra would win before I saw the final. I didn’t think she deserved it, but when the truth came out about Russell during the questioning that’s what sealed it for Sandra. She’d provided information to the Heroes that they’d rejected. Turned out they should have listened to her. To show their appreciation, too late, they hand her the million. So, sometimes late can pay off.

    This time around Boston Rob made sense and many of his observations were very astute. He is, in reality, what Coach has been trying to pretend to be. He gets better with time. Not true with Rupert who was a shell of who we believed him to be.

    Loved when Sandra burned Russell’s hat. Now that was hysterical. Would have been funnier if she’d have done it during the game.

    It was a good season and it will be hard for new players to top some of the plays we’ve seen. But, you never know. After all, it’s a social game too, even though Russell can’t grasp that angle of it, and anything can happen when one is forced to interact with others. We’ll see….

    Catch you on the new season. Really enjoyed your posts!

  2. Yes, I thought that Sandra didn’t deserve to win. Of all of the players, including Russ, I think that Parv should have won for her great moves.

    The thing was that Parv started the game with the odds stacked against her. It would have been hard for her to win, unless they would have taken Jerri to the finals.

    I think if Jerri was there, Parv would have won. It would have been between Parv and Jerri. Russ wasn’t in the running. He didn’t receive a vote and he was playing to get into the final 3, not to win.

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