Great Lost Finale Coverage

I’ve been reading some great coverage on the Lost finale. Since I watched it yesterday, I can now read up on it. First and foremost is the great article over at Wired. The article has a bit of everything, but none of the answers that we’re looking for. Today, I was intrigued by this article over at Vanity Fair. Yesterday, I read up on a few different articles at the New York Times. There were about 4 or 5 different ones that I checked out. Mostly it was about the producers answering some fan questions.

Here are some more thoughts on Lost from Vanity Fair.

So, we have no idea (and it doesn’t matter) why there was a polar bear on the island, or why no children could be born there, or who The Others really were, or why a trip through the light cave turns the Man in Black into an undead, nearly omnipotent, smoky antihero but just sort of makes Jack and Desmond tired. There are probably dozens of other plot points that — to me — were presented as important details but tended instead to be diversionary tactics, or, even worse, not worth the trouble to reconcile and account even in a season which added episodes and gave itself a luxurious 2½-hour finale to wrap up whatever it wanted to.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I liked how the series ended the way it started. It’s evident that it came full circle. Did Lost become a soap-opera instead of a sci-fi thriller? Maybe.

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