Lost The End S06E17-18 (ABC)

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Lost is a United States serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. The show was created by Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and is filmed primarily on location in Oahu, Hawaii. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. Since then, three seasons have aired. The show is produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions and Grass Skirt Productions and airs on the ABC Network in the United States. Its incidental music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The current executive producers are Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Because of its large ensemble cast and the cost of filming in Hawaii, the series is one of the most expensive on television.

From the Lost Wikipedia entry.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This is the start of the final season of Lost. It looks like the narrative is initially split up into three different timelines, but two of them rapidly merge. Ilana and her pals quickly die at the hands of Fake-Locke. It’s pretty self-explanatory that Fake-Locke is Jacob’s nemesis. There are a bunch of new Others at the Temple, including their Japanese leader.

Juliet dies, but what does that mean exactly. They buried her body, but I’m sure that we’ll see her again. So the narrative is split between what’s going on right now on the Island and what happened after the bomb was detonated. Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed. Strangely enough, there are some links between the timelines, meaning that exploding the bomb did significantly change things. Jin is also speaking English right now, which takes a while to get used to.

Sayid does indeed die and naturally comes back from the dead thanks to the Spring at the Temple. The guitar case that Jacob gave Hurley contained a giant wooden ankh. Inside, there is a message that said that if Sayid died, they’d all be in terrible danger.

I don’t know what it is, but this season is probably going to be the best of all seasons of this show. I’m really enjoying how the past is getting redacted since they are in a new timeline. There is so much going on that I’m wondering if they will be able to answer all questions.

There’s one thing that doesn’t make sense. Since apparently none of the chosen few can die, why could Sayid die? I thought that he was chosen as well? Well, he died and was infected by the Monster. Shouldn’t Jacob’s ‘gift’ have saved him from this?

Ab Aeterno means from the beginning of time in Latin. I was actually wondering if we’d ever get to Richard’s story. In the end, we did, but naturally, it poses even more questions, like exactly what are Jacob and his nemesis. One thing’s for sure, the nemesis is evil.

For one thing, why does Hurley now speak to the dead?

The struggle between Jacob and his nemesis definitely has a religious connotation. His touch granted Richard eternal life. His replacement candidates also cannot die. There is something divine about him, or maybe Jacob is the Island manifested.

The Nemesis could be a part of Jacob, though he says that Jacob stole his body and he was left with only this.

Desmond continues to act as Widmore’s fixer. It looks like he’s manipulating events. It’s actually in this episode that we see that he killed Locke. I don’t understand exactly why. Is he trying to free the Monster as well?

The shit hits the fan in episode 14, as Sayid, Lapidus, Sun, and Jin perish. But what exactly does this mean? They died near the Island. Can they come back? Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are still alive. Before he died, Sayid told Jack about Desmond, who’s in a well and still alive. The episode was pretty good, but it was overly dramatic, which gets annoying. My wife says that she’s getting over Lost. It’s taking too long for them to explain what exactly is going on. My guess is that we won’t have many answers before the series finale.

Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

So I heard some really bad things about the series finale. I was waiting for the wife to make some time to watch it, but it’s really hard to read my feeds and tweets and not read spoilers. Therefore, I elected to watch it about 12 hours after I got it.

I just finished watching the series finale of Lost. It’s 1:36AM. The 150-finale took about 103 minutes in my HDTV version to watch. Say what you want to say about Lost, especially about the 6th season, they sure answered questions in this finale. Although it’s a bit annoying that we don’t exactly know what happened to Kate, Sawyer, Lapidus, Miles, Claire and Richard, it was great to see them leave the Island. Richard started aging as well.

I expected that the redacted timeline was some kind of limbo/purgatory/prelude to the afterlife, that much was obvious when the main characters started remembering their past. It didn’t make much sense that these could be memories from the future. It was like they were waiting for each other in limbo or Heaven.

I have heard some terrible things about the finale, and I don’t think that these are justified in my opinion. The finale was quite good, filled with emotions, characters long gone that have been reunited for one last time. It was a fitting end.

However, there are still quite a few questions that remain. For example, what is the Island and what is the light? How can Richard have stopped aging? How can it skip through time? Anyway, the fight between Jack and FLocke was epic. Nicely filmed and it didn’t last too long. My grade for this show is an A. It could have been better, they could have worked on some more storylines a bit more, explained a few more things, but my guess is that they wanted the Island to remain a mystery.

The same goes for Libby and what the deal was with the numbers. You can check out this beautiful spread over at Wired. More unanswered questions quickly come to mind. Why do Hurley and Miles hear dead people? I’m sure I could come up with a page full of questions.

It’s easy to criticize the last 10 minutes of the series. Sure, some fans didn’t like it. It was an easy fix. Then again, the other 93 minutes of the finale were quite good, even though if the Island scenes were a bit wan. The sixth season was nowhere as good as seasons 2, 3, and 4. I think that the producers should have ended the story arcs by 4 or 5 seasons. That would have taken away some of the slower pace of the stories in this season, which got annoying.

I didn’t like Across the Sea. I find the explanation of the cave’s white light pedestrian. It would have been much more interesting to put in some more science-fiction, including wormholes or something like that. The whole “white light” fiasco reminds me of the miticlaurian fiasco of Star Wars Episode 1. I can understand that they don’t want to explain it, but it doesn’t make much sense to push all of this back into mythology instead of a more scientific explanation.  I like the MIB and Jacob’s backstory, but it was too simple, which took away part of the mystery. All in all, I would have preferred not to hear about the white light.

* * * * *

Jack is writing something. His dad’s coffin is about to arrive. There is a series of scenes between the life in the redacted timeline and the new present timeline on the Island. It goes between the different characters, from Jack, Ben, RLocke, Sawyer, and Kate. In the redacted timeline, Kate sees Christian Sheppard’s coffin arrive. Desmond is there to sign for it. It’s at a church. He tells Kate that he wants to leave and go somewhere.

Hurley and Sayid arrive at their destination. Hurley gives him a tranq gun. He doesn’t take it, so Hurley has to do it. Charlie opens the door. Hurley looks like he’s aware of the events across the different timelines. Hurley tells Charlie that playing the concert is the most important thing that he’ll ever do. Charlie tells him to sod off. Hurley tranqs him and puts him in the trunk.

At the Widmore party, Miles sees Sayid in Hurley’s car. It’s his dad museum concert. He phones Sawyer to look at Sun. Sun is still in the hospital. Juliet is Sun’s doctor. She performs an echogram of Ji-yeon. Sun is having flashes of what happened on the Island. Juliet did the same thing in a Dharma Initiative lab. Sun starts to remember everything that happened on the Island. This is strange. This is supposed to be in the past yet she remembers their death. She remembers the future. Sun starts speaking English. Jin as well. They both remember their future and their past. Is this because they died on the Island?

Jack is about to perform surgery on RLocke. Jack’s ex-wife is Juliet. Sean is at the hospital. Sawyer arrives to see Sun.

Hurley tells Sayid that he trusts him. He shouldn’t let others dictate how he feels about himself. They see someone fighting. It sounds like Shannon and Boone. Sayid helps her out. Shannon remembers Sayid from the Island. They had a thing. They both remember their lives. They remember their futures. Boone comes to see Hurley. He says that it was a pain in the ass to get Shannon from Australia. Sayid and Shannon are kissing.

Juliet, Sean, and Claire are at the Widmore concert. Charlie is getting woken up by Charlotte. Faraday is there putting on his tie. He’s playing piano. He’s Daniel Widmore.

Sean, Kate, Claire and Desmond share a table. Dr. Pierre Chang is on the stage. Daniel is playing piano with Driveshaft. Charlie sees Claire in the audience. It looks like Charlie is remembering something too. Claire gets some contractions. Kate goes after her. Claire is probably going to give birth. Eloise comes to see Desmond. She told him that he shouldn’t have done this. When this is over, they will leave. She asks if he will take her son. Desmond says that he isn’t leaving with him. Charlie arrives. He helps out. Kate puts up her hair. She looks so freaking hot right now. She makes Claire push and she starts remembering. She did exactly the same thing on the Island. Aaron is born. Charlie comes back with a blanket and Claire touches his hand. He remembers as well. They kiss. Desmond arrives.

The surgery went well. Jack’s neck is still bleeding. It’s from the cut that FLocke made on the Island. The cut is going back through time, it’s affecting different timelines at the same time. RLocke wakes up. He says that he can feel his legs. He starts moving his toes. RLocke remembers the Island. Jack starts remembering as well. RLocke asks Jack if he will go with him. RLocke says that Jack doesn’t have a son.

I hope that somebody does for you what you just did to me.

Sawyer comes to see Sun and Jin. He finds that they speak fluent English. He asks them if they’ve seen Sayid. Jin says that they’ll see him there.

Sawyer runs into Jack on the way to a vending machine. At the vending machine, he meets Juliet. They touch and they both remember. They kiss.

Jack arrives at the Widmore concert. Jack runs into Kate. She touches him and he remembers. She says that if she comes with him, he’ll understand.

On the Island, Jack is in the water. Sawyer comes to see him. They all talk about what Jacob said. FLocke needs Desmond to extinguish the light. Sawyer goes to the well. That’s where FLocke pushed Desmond into. Hurley says that he’s got a bad feeling about this.

Jack says that he took this job because the Island is the only thing that he hasn’t managed to ruin. Jack, Hurley and Kate head to the bamboo forest.

Sawyer is watching FLocke. He gets caught by Ben. Sawyer tells him that he isn’t a candidate anymore. With one quick gesture, he disarms Ben and leaves. FLocke says that he will put the Island on the bottom of the ocean and sail away. He offers Ben a place on his boat. FLocke says that a dog was here.

Desmond wakes up. Bernard and his wife Rose got him out of the camp. Vincent, Walt’s dog, is there. They built this camp in ’75. When the lights came, they lived here again. Rose tells him after he has eaten, he needs to leave. They don’t get involved. FLocke arrives. He threatens Bernard and Rose. Desmond says that he is going with FLocke. Desmond seems to know where they are going.

Miles calls Linus. He says that he found Richard. Richard still wants to blow up the plane. They leave for Hydra Island. Miles shows Richard his first grey hair. This means that Richard has started aging. They come across a body floating in the water. They find someone in the water. It’s Lapidus. Lapidus tells them that he’s a pilot and he’ll fly the plane out of here.

Sawyer finds Jack and his party. He tells him that FLocke plans to get Desmond to destroy the Island. Jack says that they are all heading to the same place. It doesn’t matter if they find Desmond.

Both parties meet in a clearing. Kate starts shooting at FLocke. It doesn’t do anything. FLocke comes to see Jack. Jack says that he wants to go with him. He thinks that he will destroy the Island, but that won’t happen. Jack will kill him. They decide to go together to the far side of the bamboo forest.

Jack tells Sawyer that Desmond is a weapon. When they arrive at the beginning of the bamboo forest, FLocke says that it should be only Jack and Desmond that go on with him. There is a storm brewing. They find the cave. The light isn’t very bright. Desmond says that it doesn’t matter. They will lower him into the light and he’s going to go somewhere else. It sounds like Heaven. Desmond is talking about the memories of the other timeline. Jack doesn’t believe that he’ll go there. He says that there are no shortcuts, what happened happened. All of this matters.

There is a waterfall in the cave. The light is coming from beneath. They lower Desmond down. He finds a pool of water that lit from above. There is some kind of a stone in the middle. Desmond steps into the pool and the Island starts to shudder. Desmond grasps the stone and pulls it up. There are more flashes of light. Something is happening, but it sounds like the light is dying out. Then it starts up again. There is smoke coming up. He starts shouting no. It looks like Jack was wrong. This will sink the Island. There is an earthquake. Jack assaults FLocke. FLocke is bleeding. He’s human again. They fight, but FLocke manages to get away.

You disrespect his memory by wearing his face.
Jack to the Smoke Monster

Miles uses the radio. He tells Linus that they are going to leave the Island. Miles come across Kate, who’s got a gun and starts firing at them. Richard tries to convince her that they aren’t with FLocke. She says that she isn’t coming with them.

The Island is shaking. Ben saves Hurley and gets caught under a tree. Jack wakes up after getting hit in the head by a rock. He goes back into the cave. He calls for Desmond. Desmond doesn’t respond.

Miles calls Ben. Kate answers. She is told that they are working on the plane. Then, they will leave. It will take them about an hour. Ben says that FLocke has a boat. FLocke is at the boat. Jack has come after him. FLocke takes a knife. Jack has got his fist. They fight. Jack starts to strangle FLocke. FLocke is after his knife. He takes it and stabs Jack in the gut. He tries to finish the job, but Jack manages to stop him. Kate shoots FLocke in the back. Jack pushes FLocke off the cliff. His body bounces a few times and then is slumped against the rocks.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben and Hurley arrive. They see FLocke dead.

On Hydra Island, Lapidus is checking up on the plane. There is a problem with the hydraulics. Ben checks in. They are making progress. They need to leave. Jack says whatever Desmond turned off, Jack needs to turn it back on. Ben is staying here. He’s going to help Jack. Hurley is also coming with Jack. He tells Kate that she needs to go and take Claire with her. Jack kisses Kate deeply. They won’t see each other again. Kate says that she loves him. Jack says that he loves her. Sawyer and Kate leave.

Miles is using duct tape to fix the hydraulics. They tell Sawyer to get over there. They need to make the jump into the water. It looks very high. Kate goes first. James goes in after her. It must have been 100 feet.

Jack, Hurley and Ben arrive at the cave. Jack says that he is going alone. Jack implies that he isn’t going to survive. Jack tells Hurley that he needs to protect the Island from now on. Ben finds a bottle for Jack. Jack takes some of the water. He tells Hurley to drink. Hurley drinks. They lower Jack down. Jack finds Desmond. Jack takes him to the rope. Desmond says that it has to be him. It will kill Jack. Jack tells him to go to his wife and child. He says that he’ll see him in another life.

Jack pushes the stone back into its socket.

The engines of the plane start up. Kate and Sawyer arrive on Hydra Island. They find Claire. In the distance, they see the plane moving. Kate convinces Claire to come along. They run to the plane. It’s too almost too late. They see Sawyer, Kate and Claire arrive on the runway. Lapidus tells Miles and Alpert to let them in. They get aboard and the plane revs the engines. They just manage to clear the trees. They are in the air.

Back in the cave, the water starts to flow and the red light dissipates. The yellow light returns. Jack is still in the pool. Jack is in the light. Hurley and Ben pull Desmond out of there. Jack’s gone. Ben tells Hurley that maybe there is a better way to run the Island. He could help by getting Desmond back to his family. Hurley asks Ben if he could help him. Ben would be honored.

Jack is outside of the cave. He’s alive, barely. He stumbles through the bamboo forest. He lies down and Vincent finds him. The dog lies down next to him. In the sky, he sees the plane leaving the Island. He closes his eyes and dies.

RLocke arrives at the church. He finds Ben there. He asks if everyone is already inside. Ben says yes. Ben says that he is sorry for everything that he has done. Ben says that he has to work out a few things. He will stay here for a while. John forgives him. RLocke can walk again. Hugo comes out and sees Ben. He tells Ben that he was a great #2.

Jack and Kate arrive. They are here to have his father’s funeral. She is going inside. She’ll be waiting for him. He should come, once he is ready to leave. He goes into the church. He finds his father’s coffin. He touches it and remembers. The coffin is empty. Christian is behind him. Jack realizes that he died too. They are in some kind of limbo, a prelude to the afterlife. The others are all here now. They are all dead too. Christian says that there is no time here. They made this place so that they could find each other. They needed each other to remember and to let go. They are going to be moving on.

They go into the church and see everyone together again. Desmond is with Penny. Christian opens the door of the church. A white light fills it.

* * * * *

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