24 Day 8 2PM-3PM S08E23 (Fox)

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After a somewhat lukewarm and disappointing season 7, 24 is back with another season. It’s been a while since we saw Jack Bauer and it looks like he’s fully recovered from his ordeal from the end of last season.

Jack is living it up with his family. He’s fully reconciled with Kim and her husband and he’s spending time with his granddaughter Terri, who looks like she’s about 4. One of the biggest mistakes of the screenwriters in the last season was coming up with a fictional African country. It’s really bad that they did this. They’ve done it again with this season. This season features an Islamic republic named Kamistan. WTF you imbeciles? Didn’t you guys learn anything from last season?

This is why Spooks is so much more entertaining because it’s more realistic. I’m kind of annoyed that they’ve done it again this time around. Still, it’s good to see Jack at it again. There was another thing that kind of annoyed me. Chloe is having trouble with the new CTU systems. She’s been back a month and has trouble learning them. It’s really surprising and doesn’t make much sense, since Chloe has always been the über-analyst of this season.

There are some interesting additions in the cast. Katee Sackhoff is most intriguing. She plays another analyst, who’s involved with an agent named Cole.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This season of 24 isn’t bad. I’m entertained. It’s kind of funny how Jack gets roped into things once more. President Taylor isn’t so annoying anymore. Maybe that’s because we see less of her. I did enjoy how she made it clear to Hassan that if a bomb detonates on US soil, she will have to retaliate.

* * * * *

Arlo tells Ortiz about what Jack did at the Russian place. Cole is still on the way to see Jack’s ex-CIA contact. Ortiz has been made within a few moments. I’m sure that Michael Madsen has got an exit strategy. He starts wiping his drives. Cole uses a shotgun to get in. He manages to blackmail him into helping him.

Chloe phones him after she heard that Reed was arrested by the White House. Jack knows that Subarov is behind everything. Chloe wants to buy some time for Subarov. They change Subarov’s route and make it impossible for him to find him. That’s what they think.

Logan is about to speak with Taylor and tell her everything.

Woods is ushering Taylor into the protocol meeting. He tells her that Jack is seeking vengeance. He says that Novakovitch is dead. She learns that the Russians are behind it all, including Subarov. Jack is still listening in on his bug. For some reason, I keep thinking of the phrase kicking over the hornet’s nest. That’s what Jack did. Eden tells Jason that Jack needs medical treatment. He finds Jack in his car with a gun. He makes him drive to the UN. Kyla comes to the UN and tells Dahlia that the Russians were involved in Hassan’s death. Dahlia wants to talk to her.

Ortiz arrives at the UN. Chloe is planning on sending the recording to everyone in the government and the media. Jack also arrives with Jason. They go to a building that has been cleared. Jack makes him suture him up. After he’s done, Jason begs for his life. Bauer just knocks him out.

Dahlia goes to see Taylor. She wants to tell her about the Russians. She doesn’t know that the Taylor is well aware of this and part of the cover up. Dahlia says that she will need to speak with Reed before signing the agreement. It all falls apart. Taylor can’t cover it up. She says that she had Reed arrested as part of the cover up. Dahlia says that there isn’t going to be an agreement. She will be making a complaint to the UN about Reed. Taylor tries to blackmail Dahlia. It will come out that IRK agents tried to detonate a nuclear bomb in NYC. It will give her all of the ammunition to start bombing the IRK.

Dahlia isn’t taking this well. She is fuming in her chambers with her minister. They don’t have many choices.

Chloe is told that Jack’s face was picked up by a reflection inside the security perimeter. She is heading to the Heart Building. Jack is recording a message for his daughter. Chloe finds him, but she’s quickly disarmed. He puts the sleeper hold on her and readies his shot.

Subarov arrives. Dahlia isn’t very welcoming to him. She doesn’t say a word. They have to do the press conference.

Logan gets a call from Jack using Pillar’s phone. He wants him to call Subarov after the press conference and meet him.

* * * * *

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