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  • 00:04 My Daily Tweets: #
  • 00:15 Acer Showcases Its New Streaming Hub: #
  • 00:19 Altek’s Phone Takes 14MP Photos: Time to Throw Out Your DSLR?: #
  • 00:22 Back to the Future Hoverboard Is Finally Real, and No, You Can’t Ride It: #
  • 00:33 Great hack to block SEO copy & paste BS that some websites are using: #
  • 11:48 Patrick Norguet’s Minimal ‘Plain Air’ Air Purifier: #
  • 12:38 Incredibly hot and humid night. Had trouble sleeping. AC in the bedroom is broken. The constant rain cooled things down a bit. #
  • 12:39 I’m going to participate in a few math research projects starting next week. It’s going to be an interesting summer. #
  • 12:39 I’m hoping for some differential geometry, and a bit of programming as well. Might get some funding, which will be cool. #
  • 15:21 FlashForward Future Shock S01E22 (ABC): #
  • 15:26 24 Day 8 10AM-11AM S08E19 (Fox): #
  • 15:28 24 Day 8 11AM-12PM S08E20 (Fox): #
  • 15:30 24 Day 8 12PM-1PM S08E21 (Fox): #
  • 15:32 24 Day 8 1PM-2PM S08E22 (Fox): #
  • 15:35 24 Day 8 2PM-3PM S08E23 (Fox): #
  • 15:43 24 Day 8 3PM-4PM S08E24 (Fox): #
  • 16:17 Training & Diet Week 12 Day 1-7: #
  • 16:29 Velocite Geos Update: #
  • 20:33 Prince of Persia is kind of like Parkour. #

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  • I ordered a Super Speed C2 Estivo leather jacket from @dainese. The Mantis jacket costs $375 US so it's about half of the C2.~ 3 hours ago
  • The @AGVHelmets #AGVISOR is selling out quickly. Mine is coming in next month. It was a good selling point for a Corsa or a Pista GP helmet~ 3 hours ago
  • RT @gabyu: French minister’s phone does not even have a front-facing camera…~ 3 hours ago
  • RT @sdw: Astonishing that reddit, a website reliant on community and transparency, refuses to drop its flailing management and talk to its …~ 3 hours ago
  • RT @UberFacts: In Japan, there are many "Rent-a-Boyfriend" services—40% of their customers are housewives, and 50% are repeat customers.~ 3 hours ago



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