Doctor Who Cold Blood S05E09 (BBC)

The new Doctor Who: Matt Smith

Doctor Who is a long-running, award-winning British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as “the Doctor” who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue police phone box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems and righting wrongs.

The show’s lead character is currently portrayed by David Tennant. A Christmas special co-starring Kylie Minogue aired in December 2007, and the fourth series started on 5 April 2008. For that series, Catherine Tate will reprise her role of Donna Noble, from the 2006 Christmas special, as the Doctor’s latest companion. Midway through the series, Freema Agyeman will also return to her role of Martha Jones, following a multi-episode guest appearance in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. John Barrowman will continue his role as Captain Jack Harkness, and Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler for three episodes. Elisabeth Sladen is also set to return as Sarah Jane Smith in a cameo role.

After a 2008 Christmas special and three further specials starring David Tennant, scheduled to air in 2009, Doctor Who is planned to return in 2010 for a fifth full length series.

From the Doctor Who entry at Wikipedia.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The Doctor working a smartphone

The Doctor is a long lived alien from the planet Gallifrey. He’s a Time Lord and travels through time thanks to his aging time capsule the Tardis. David Tennant is the tenth Doctor. My favorite has always been Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. The Doctor periodically regenerates. When he does so, he changes outward appearance which let the producers change actors easily. All Time Lords regenerate 13 times. The Doctor’s nemesis is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who found a way around this limit. Other enemies include the Black Guardian, the Daleks and the Cybermen.

During the previous serials, before 2005, Gallifrey was alive and well. It appears that for the new series, the Doctor is the only survivor of the last great Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords.

This is the first of a series of specials that will air this year. Since David Tennant couldn’t commit to a full series this year, due to some previous acting commitments, we are left with a bunch of specials.

After two disappointing specials, we come to the end of David Tennant’s Doctor. Tennant has rapidly become a favorite of mine. I still love Tom Baker above all, but Tennant is very good. What is it about him? I’d say that David Tennant was almost perfect for the role. It’s too bad that he’s moving on. Already, the 5th season has been delayed until later this year because he couldn’t commit to a full serial.

It’s sad because he was so good. However, it’s good that Tennant is going out with a bang. The ending of part one of the End of Time was amazing. The Master, the Doctor, and the Time Lords, all reunited at last for one final confrontation.

I didn’t really like how the tenth Doctor died, but others will say that it is within his nature to be like that, to sacrifice himself for anyone. He did so. The end is nigh as he says goodbye to all of his companions, from Rose to Sarah Jane.

* * * * *

The new Doctor is nutty. Nutty enough to be the Doctor, if that makes any sense. I don’t know much about Matt Smith, and I usually keep an embargo on myself about upcoming Doctor Who episodes so that the fun isn’t spoiled, and frankly, I was surprised. It was a good show, not extremely good, but good nonetheless. I have to say that I did really like David Tennant as the Doctor. His shoes are going to be hard to fill. Naturally, Tom Baker remains as my favorite Doctor of all time.

There’s more to River Song and the Doctor. Apparently she killed a man and is serving her sentence in the Stormcage. She says that they will see each other again when the Pandorica opens. This is supposed to be episode 12 of this season. This episode was pretty darn good. I had loads of fun watching it. It was especially creepy when the angels realized that Amy couldn’t open her eyes and started moving. They still looked like statues however, which was strange. They are supposed to be in quantum lock, so I imagined that their real visage was different than stone, but it isn’t.

The cracks in the universe are back and this will be the ongoing theme of this season. We also learn why Amy can’t remember the Cybermen or the Daleks. Time is being unwritten due to some time energy explosion, somewhere in time. This is why the cracks are appearing.

This was a good episode. I give it a B. What started out very interesting turned out to be quite predictable in the end. I was kind of annoyed at this. Sure, Rory is dead and it’s true that I was getting annoyed at the character, but it was a bit harsh just killing him off. Also, the whole “let the Silurians wake up in 1,000 years to give the apes time to clean up the planet” was idiotic.

Everything was predictable, including the death of the Alaya at the hands of Ambrose. She decided to give the lizard a bit of a Jack Bauer. That didn’t work right and it all was torn to shreds from then on. The only interesting bits were at the end of the episode, when Rory died and the Doctor salvaged some shrapnel from the time explosion that is causing the cracks in the fabric of the universe. What will happen to the TARDIS?

* * * * *

The Doctor and Nazreen get detained by the lizards. They capture them. What was the Doctor thinking? A lizard was about to dissect Amy, when the Doctor is called away. She palmed his remote and gets out of her bonds. She frees the other hostage. They find more humans in storage. It’s Elliott. They can’t free him. They take some weapons. They find a bunch of lizards in stasis.

Ambrose’s father tries to negotiate with Alaya, but she doesn’t want to help him. She wants to see him die. Ambrose threatens the lizard with a taser. She does it a few times. Alaya is dying. She dies at Ambrose’s hand.

The Doctor is being scanned. It looks like it’s hurting him. Removing the human germs would kill him. The lizard stops it. Restak is going to execute them to send a message. They bring him to some kind of court. Amy and Mo arrive. Their rescue attempt fails. They are all about to be executed. Restak talks with Rory. Restak wants to see Alaya. Ambrose doesn’t comply. Restak cuts the transmission. The doctor woke an Elder. The Doctor talks with Rory.

Amy and Nazreen are supposed to talk with the Elder of the lizards. The doctor and the Doctor go free Elliott.

Restak liberates some soldiers. She wants to protect her race against the apes. She kills Malarkey.

Meanwhile, Tony is thinking about reactivating the drill because Ambrose wants him to.

Ambrose arrives with Alaya’s body and an ultimatum. It doesn’t work. There is a firefight. The Doctor and his party get away. Tony isn’t dying, he’s mutating. Running him through the decontamination program might work. The Elder thinks that the Earth isn’t ready for them to come back. He will use the city’s infrastructure fumigation procedure to wipe out the ones who are awake. The Doctor says that they should wake up in a 1,000 years. This will give humanity long enough to sort stuff out. Nazreen and Tony are staying behind. They will also wake up in one thousand years. When they arrive at the TARDIS, the Doctor sees another rip in the universe. He thinks that it’s the cause of some kind of explosion in time. He tries to get some “shrapnel”. He gets it. Restak arrives. She manages to shoot. Rory is hit. The time energy is about to catch up with them. It will erase them completely. Rory is dead and completely erased. The Doctor pilots the TARDIS away. Amy is freaking out. She doesn’t want to forget him. She forgets him completely. The drill explodes. How can time pass in the TARDIS? I thought that it was outside of time?

The shrapnel is of the TARDIS. This means that the TARDIS caused the explosion, or was caught in it. I’m happy that Rory is dead. He was an annoying character. I didn’t think that he’d die. It’s even worse though: he’s been completely erased from history.

* * * * *

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