Month: June 2010

  • Create Your Own Elegant Speaker Stands

    When you’re setting up your speaker system in your home, it’s hard to spend even more money on the perfect set of speaker stands. While you can easily find cheap ones, they don’t all look as nice as these ones, which where assembled from IKEA furniture bits. Read Full Post

  • LOOK 695

    LOOK has just announced more details about their new 695 road frame. This frame is supposed to weight about 900g and comes with an oversize BB, just like the TT frame 596.

  • Make Your Own Kozo Lamps With Plumbing Tubing

    These amazing lamps that were made from old plumbing bits sure look great, but their cost is a bit much in our opinion. It’s true that these lamps look pretty easy to make yourself. That’s why we found a couple of resources for you to make your own Kozo lamps. Read Full Post

  • Tech Elements for Making the Best Outdoor Parties

    Summer is upon us, and a lot of use spend the days nicely cooled off in our offices thanks to the AC. When it’s time to clock off, it’s time to enjoy what’s left of the day, come home and have a great time. We’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks that…

  • My Daily Tweets

    This is what I tweeted about today… 10:28 iBox Claims to Improve iPad sound – Why Bother?: # 10:31 Would An AT-AT From Star Wars Make A Great Pet?: # 10:33 Anime-Themed Workstation From Shanghai: # 10:36 5 Great Barbecues to Liven Up Your Parties: # 20:14 How Should Schools Handle…

  • The Social Network Movie Trailer: Are You Still Using Facebook?

    Are you still using Facebook? Of course you are. Well, this October, you will be watching it on the big screen, because Mark Zuckerberg’s story will come to your neighborhood multiplex, courtesy of acclaimed director David Fincher. Read more @ Technabob

  • Retro Star Wars Posters: Wait I Thought Star Wars Was Already Retro

    Pat Langton put together these nifty retro Star Wars posters. The only beef that I have is that I thought that Star Wars was already retro… Still, it’s always cool to see a re-interpretation of my favorite trilogy, by this I mean the original trilogy, not the new one! Read more @ Technabob

  • 5 Great Techy Power Strips For The Home Office

    It’s a given that we all need power strips in our home offices and home theater rooms. It’s quite impossible to do without. However, there are quite a few different solutions out there that will make life easier, and hopefully less cluttered. These are our favorite techy power strips. Read More

  • Big Brother UK S11E20 (Channel 4)

    The HM wake up. It’s Steve’s birthday. They find muppets in the living room. They must talk through the puppets until further notice. Have you ever heard of a vegan who doesn’t eat vegetables? JJ about Yvette

  • 5 Great Barbecues to Liven Up Your Parties

    When you’re on the go, especially in the summer, it’s nice to be able to grill dinner on a BBQ. While not all of these BBQs are for use while you’re camping, at beach parties, or picnics, we’ve included a few that we thought were great to use in those situations. Read Full Post