Training & Diet Week 14 Day 1-7

This week was my girl’s birthday and we celebrated in style by going to Diamond Tony’s in the Taipei 101 building on the 85F. Then we stayed at the Grand Hotel for a night. It was pretty cool. I also learned that I had a low tolerance for fried food. We had dinner at Evan’s burger and I only managed to eat a few onion rings, completely skipping on the burger. It was way too fatty for me. I felt like I was going to puke.

I only had a wee bit of sugar in an espresso at Diamond Tony’s. The rest of the time, I was skipping it. No sugar in drinks is working out well. I’m adapting to it. By far, the best dish of the weekend was the veal carpaccio at Diamond Tony’s. Really scrumptious. My personal favorite touch includes shaved lemon slices, so thin that you can eat the peel.

1 coffee, 1 milk tea, pork w veg and rice, 1 chicken wrap, ½ honey melon, 2 slices of watermelon.

2 milk teas, 1 herbal tea, banana smoothie, ½ honey melon, chicken wrap, 10 dumplings, fish ball soup, 200g yogurt.

2 milk teas, banana smoothie, 3-egg cheese omelette, gi ro dan ba fan, ½ papaya,  2 slices of honey melon, some yellow melon, 200g yogurt.

2 milk teas, 20 litchis, 3-egg cheese omelette, a few slices of water melon, 6 drumsticks.

1 milk tea, banana smoothie, green curry w rice.

steak, veal carpaccio, minestrone soup, small desert cake, espresso, melon, banana smoothie, 1 milk tea, 1 nai cha, onion rings.

rib-eye steak, Evan’s burger leftover, nachos w cheese, salad, melon, nai cha, 1 cup of coffee, chicken w rice, sprite.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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