Big Brother UK S11E03 (Channel 4)

At quarter to eight in the morning, Mario is in the diary room. He’s talking about his secret task.

An hour later, Josie and Govan are talking in bed. They talk about Mario and Ben. Mario was lusting after Ben before he found out that he was straight. Govan thought that Ben was lusting after John, but he was just being friendly. Ife took off her wig and talks about the beach ball episode.

Ben is in the diary room. He says that he’s out of his element, but it’s interesting.

The HM eat breakfast. The garden has been off bounds for a while. They discover a strange dinner table with seats that have seatbelts. It’s attached to a crane and will lift them up while they are eating. Sunshine is scared of heights and isn’t looking forward to this.

BB gathers the HM and tells them about the task. One HM has to stay on land. Sunshine volunteers. She says that she needs to take medication to go on planes. The HM have 15 minutes to change. They will be suspended 40m above ground. While they are suspended, JJ is talking to Shabby about the beach ball. He doesn’t think that it could be launched over the wall. Shabby tells him more about what was written on it, without naming a HM. She tells him that it wasn’t JJ’s name. They both don’t think that Mario is a HM and that it all has to do with him. They ask him and Mario says that he doesn’t think that he is a HM because he doesn’t have a costume like the others.

An hour later, Sunshine has to draw quotes on a canvas. The other HM have to guess the quote in order to get money for the shopping. They miss the first one. They get the second one ‘Squatter’. They miss the 3rd one but JJ guesses it right after the buzzer. They get ‘Wanabees’. This means that they get £200 towards the shopping budget. They see some people outside the compound doing PE.

Fitty McThree.
Shabby trying to guess ‘Hunky Trio’

HM have one hour this week’s shopping. Fake Beyoncé makes a point to tell everyone that she can’t cook. She’s naturally wearing hipster glasses.

Fake Beyoncé is pissed at Sunshine for imposing her vegan ways. She wants to use what’s left over from the budget to buy some vegan supplies while the other want a roast.

Steve has got 3 kids from his 1st marriage. He’s already got grandchildren. Sunshine is the one giving the shopping list. Sunshine is wearing all red. She isn’t that pretty.

Some of the HM are trying out Ife’s wigs. Fake Beyoncé and Govan are smoking. They don’t like Sunshine and Dave. They have been irritated by them. They don’t hate him. Ben asked Sunshine if he could swap beds with her so that he could sleep with Fake Beyoncé. Fake Beyoncé isn’t interested in him. She doesn’t find him attractive. They like Shabby, but Govan thinks that she will start rows.

Fake Beyoncé realizes that they haven’t bought any hair styling supplies. She’s making a big deal.

Nate, Sunshine, and Josie are in the bedroom. Nate doesn’t think that couples will develop. Nate thought that Mario was straight. Fake Beyoncé arrives and complains to Sunshine for not getting any tokens.

I’m a bit worried about this whole mole situation. […] I’m not sitting in my mole hole crying about it, shedding moley tears.

Ife, Shabby, and Caoimhe are in the bathroom. Ife wants to make up a fake task. She thinks that the chest of temptation has to do with the tree of temptation, so it might have given them a task. Mole arrives. The chest talks with Mole. He wants the Mole to chuck all of the veggies into the pool when everyone is asleep. He also has to dump all of the bread. It has to be pinned on someone else.

The shopping has arrived. They ordered 14 bags of potatoes.

Govan is in the diary room. He thinks that Mario is crushing on Ben. Shabby, Ife, and Caoimhe say goodnight to Moley. At 3:53AM, Moley is skulking around in his pants to dump the veggies. He plants some evidence in someone’s handbag.

* * * * *

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