Big Brother UK S11E04 (Channel 4)

Corin discovers the veg in the pool. It makes Ife laugh because a bag was planted in her make-up bag. The girls are up and wondering who did it. Sunshine thinks that the Mole is responsible. Nate and Ife get the veg out. Caoimhe, Josie, Govan, Moley, and JJ are talking about the whole thing. Moley and Caoimhe talk about Ben.

Govan and Josie bond. Moley gets accused of putting the potatoes into the pool by Sunshine and Dave. It’s mostly Sunshine.

Fake Beyoncé, Josie, and Ife find some footprints behind a panel. Caoimhe and Moley are talking about Ben. She tells him that Ben is quite touchy feely.

Steve was 19 when he was blown up in Northern Island, Belfast. He had his first kid when he was 20.

Most of the HM are in the living room talking about how the veg and bread ended up in the pool. Shabby thinks that there are other HM living in the house. Steve says that they should catch them in the night.

Today’s task involves dressing up in their clothes. Any clothes left over will be confiscated. For entering the mole hole yesterday, Caoimhe gets only 2 minutes while the others get 4 minutes. Dave and Josie are exempt. Rachael is already crying.

Ben and Moley are flirting. Ben says that he didn’t put on any socks. Moley is very touchy feely.

Moley goes into the bathroom. The chest of temptation tells him to take a pair of scissors to trash someone’s cigarettes. He needs to blame someone else. He should come see him at 8:15AM the next morning.

Corin is in the diary room not making much sense. JJ makes fun of his sexuality. Rachael thinks that this is so embarrassing. Caoimhe doesn’t like the word he used. He uses slamming. JJ says that he hated BJs. Steve thinks that JJ is talking BS. Caoimhe and Rachael are all into this.

Australian girls don’t like going down.

-Going down on a girl is better than sex.
JJ and Caoimhe before she walks off in disbelief

Dave gets 30 minutes per day access to his bible.

Sunshine’s real name is Yvette. She tells Moley that many people around her died. She lost her mom, her granddad, her grandmom ever since she was in medicine. She was also mugged and had to take a year off from medicine. Dave gives her a bit of a speech to make her feel better. He ends it with a big hug. She was tearing up.

JJ and Sunshine start bickering about the soap. Fake Beyoncé has to walk away from Sunshine. She continues arguing. Josie and Govan are laughing. JJ is also there. Govan says that what Sunshine wants Sunshine gets, there is no compromise.

Later, Moley steals someone fags and cuts them up, just like he was ordered to. Sunshine goes into the bathroom near the Mole Hole. She’s very suspicious of Moley and interrogates him for a few minutes. She’s a total bitch. A few minutes later, he cuts up the fags and plants the evidence on the chest of temptation.

Shabby, Ife, and Caoimhe tell Rachael about their prank. They plan on writing ‘twist’ with some veg. They do so.

* * * * *

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