Big Brother UK S11E06 (Channel 4)

Yvette and Moley are up. They bond. She’s got a strange tattoo on her left arm.

Steve is keeping some of the HM awake with his snoring and farting. Shabby is leading a crusade against him with Ife, Caoimhe, Fake Beyoncé, and Nate. The talk veers towards nominations. Shabby is leading the talk.

Groups are starting to form. Ben asks Steve about the IED that destroyed his legs. He says that he was conscious. It’s obvious that they haven’t met anyone like Steve before.

Dave says that he will be getting a lot of nominations because he hasn’t settled in yet.

I can’t wait to get my voice back so that I can sing the shit out of her.
Fake Beyoncé

Moley and Yvette are singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

Shabs is called to the diary room. She is going to get punished for talking about the nominations. She is very pissed off and goes to complain to Ife and Caoimhe. Shabs has a temper tantrum. She’s such a child. She needs to be slapped a few times.

Govan says that he is avoiding Yvette because she is annoying him.

Shabs is a total drama queen. She wants to tell everyone that she is getting punished for talking about the noms. She is going to tell the whole story.

Rachael and Josie are starting to fancy Nate. He cooks a lot of meals and looks good.

Ben, Mario, and JJ are talking about being careful about getting nominated. Ben says that he doesn’t drink the milk from his cereal, and that might get him nominated.

The HM will take part in the shopping task. The winner will get his suitcase back. Shabs can’t because she talked about the noms. Josie, Dave, and Mario can’t take part either because they already have their suitcases. Nate is first to go. They have to take shots of ice-cold drinks. They have to drink as much as possible in 60 seconds. It’s pretty funny to watch. Nate wins easily as he consumed all of the 10 shots. He gets his suitcase back.

Govan is talking out of his ass about skin color. He says that when he was younger, he wanted to be darker.

Ben wonders why Shabs is only talking to the girls.

JJ and Josie are flirting in the bath. Most HM have gone to bed. Caoimhe asks for earplugs. Govan and Shabs are smoking. Govan says that Yvette is good at manipulating people.

* * * * *

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