True Blood Shake and Fingerpop S02E04 (HBO)

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This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. Personally, I’ve never read the books, so I don’t know how accurate the adaptation is. However, it is quite interesting. It’s a good twist on the mythos.

There are loads of vampire shows out there. Most recently, Moonlight was canceled from CBS. Some of them are successful, others aren’t. The pilot was interesting. I’ve never seen a show explore the relationship between vampires and humans.

The series is adapted by Alan Ball. He also produced it. Alan Ball is the man behind Six Feet Under. The setting is interesting as well. Thanks to HBO, the show does have some mature content. It makes the whole thing more interesting.

I don’t really know what to say of Anna Paquin’s acting. It seems to me that she played a southern belle already in X-Men as Rogue. She does do the same thing in this show. It’s hard to see the difference. As with her role as Rogue, Sookie has never been in love or had men in her life. It’s funny how you can draw parallels between Paquin’s different characters.

New Orleans and Louisiana are a hotbed for vampire fiction. Lestat of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice makes the city his home.

I was completely blown away by the second episode of the first season. It ends in such a cliffhanger. The third episode partly resolves this, but it was still really good. The sex scenes between Jason and his lovers are also quite interesting. The show is infused with an animalistic fervor which is appealing. I recommend this show. Along with Fringe, this is one of my favorite new shows on TV this season. The show has gotten a lot of great reviews and only ten days after it premiered, HBO ordered another season. It’s one of the few shows who’s audience share actually climbed for the second episode. The fifth episode also ends with a bang, something that I didn’t think would happen.

The third season just premiered on the weekend. It takes off right when the last episode stopped. Things are going to get interesting.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Excellent way to start the 3rd season. The 2nd season was amazing. I just don’t understand how I missed watching the last three episodes of season 2. I remedied that last night. I really enjoyed them.

It’s really interesting to see the twist on the werewolves. We don’t know much about them, but they don’t look friendly to vampires. The maenad or Bacchantes from last season, Maryann, was completely bonkers. I truly enjoyed this episode. I give it an A. I’ll be posting the remainder reviews/recaps of season 2 in the coming days.

* * * * *

Jason is walking around the pavilion at night. He finds all of the followers with their throat cut. It was just a scene. Jason punches the ringleader out. He tells them that vampires aren’t a joke. A war is going on.

Bill throws Jessica’s dude Hoyt out of his house. He tells him that he isn’t protecting Jessica. He’s protecting him. Sookie tells Bill that they should take Jessica with them to Dallas. Sookie thinks that it will be good for him because even though he was a vampire, he hates vampires.

Sam is skinny dipping with a Daphne. When she leaves the water, Sam sees a giant scar made from a paw on her back. They go to eat some pancakes.

Tara tells Mary-Anne that she is moving out and moving in with Sookie. Sookie tells Tara to move into her room. When she gets back, she will move into Gran’s room. It’s Tara’s birthday. Sookie tells Tara that she only agreed to go to Dallas for the vamps to save Lafayette. Tara goes to see him. He’s self-medicating a gunshot wound. He just wants to be alone.

Jason is talking about the origin of vampires with his mates. The reverend meets him with a gun and they go out. It’s just a paintgun. They have some fun. Steve invites him to a BBQ with Sarah. He wants Jason to be part of the Soldiers of the Sun.

The Sheriff is looking at the body of the charlatan that was killed. She’s got similar wounds as the girl who is with Sam. Andy wants to know about the pig that Tara saw. It doesn’t make much sense. The Sheriff asks for Andy’s badge because he is drunk again on the job.

Terry tells Sookie that Sam is leaving town. She is surprised. He isn’t saying much to her. Andy is drinking at Merlotte’s. Sam has to cut him off. They are all going to Tara’s party, except for Sam. Tara’s mom comes by. She looks sobered up. She’s got a present for her and drops it off. She asks Sam to give it to Tara.

Something is stalking Tara. She is crying because she is all alone on her birthday. It’s just Mary-Anne throwing her a surprise party at her new place. About a hundred people are at the party. Sam drops off the gift, has a few words with Mary-Anne and meets Daphne. Mary-Anne takes Tara’s mom’s gift and throws it out. Mary-Anne goes to the water and incants. It’s once again going to turn the party into an orgy. Tara and her friend make love.

Sookie arrives in Dallas. As soon as they land, they have trouble. Bill teaches Jessica how to glamour humans. Leon was sent to abduct Sookie. It wasn’t vampires. They go to the hotel. Leon was hired by the Fellowship of the Sun. He was hired to bring her to the church. The Fellowship knows about Godric and that he has gone missing.

Eric comes to see Lafayette. He has come to give him his blood. He says that his leg is already infected. He could lose it if he doesn’t drink the blood. He means something to Sookie, and what Sookie cares about Eric finds curious.

Lafayette is feeding. Bill calls Eric to brief him that the Fellowship is involved. Bill says that they were ambushed. Eric says that he suspected it, but didn’t know it for sure. Eric mentions that they aren’t equals, he is his Sheriff. If Bill doesn’t like this, he can take it up with the Magister or the Queen.

Jason is bunking at the Nolans. The other guys think that he is going to bang Sarah. He’s the only one there. She comes to find him to get him settled in. She isn’t wearing much.

Eric comes to Dallas. He has to talk with Bill. Eric tells Bill that Godric is much beloved by his subjects. He is 2,000 years old and could have been a King anywhere in the vampire world. If one such as him could be taken by humans, then none of them will be safe. Eric says that if they don’t find Godric, the camps here will act like cowboys and start taking it out on humans. It will be an open war.

When Daphne and Sam get intimate, she tells him that she knows what he is. They go upstairs to have sex. Meanwhile, Mary-Anne is shaking again. Everyone is having sex. It looks like she is feeding off the sexual energy, or something like that. She could be a goddess or a witch. Everyone is gorging themselves on food and drink. Their eyes go all black like before. Violence erupts and Mary-Anne hands become different. She’s got three fingers ending with talons. Those are the ones that marked Daphne and the charlatan, who took Tara’s hopes and dreams from her.

Sookie meets Barry, a bellhop at the vampire hotel who can also read minds. He runs away before Sookie can talk to him.

* * * * *

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