Big Brother UK S11E07 (Channel 4)

Corin has a girlfriend. Mario’s mom lives in the USA. Corin is doing her beauty regimen. It’s scary.

All of the HM are eating breakfast. Ben talks about using Yvette’s verruca cream as washing up liquid. She isn’t happy with this. She doesn’t want Ben to mention this anymore.

You’ve done it four times.

David goes into the diary room. He has trouble settling and feels a distance between him and Govan. Govan complains to Josie and Ife about David.

Ben talks with Govan and Mario about Yvette and her comment about this joke. Moley wants Govan to reconnect with Yvette. Govan isn’t having any of this. She reminds him of people he knew at school. While he bitches about her, Yvette comes to the bathroom. Her bitching meter was working well.

Josie tells JJ that she’s got some friends who would really like him.

The girls are talking about cars while the boys are doing the laundry. JJ and Govan are talking about Dave. Govan says that Dave is completely fake. He apparently works rooms to make people like him.

Dave says that he wouldn’t marry same sex couples. He says that his interpretation of Scripture is that homosexuality is wrong. He doesn’t really want to get into it.

Today HM will nominated for the first time.


Ben                      Shabbs                Yvette                   “She’s a divisive figure in the BBUK house.”
Caoimhe            Dave                    Yvette                   “She looks down on us.”
Corin                   Caoimhe            Yvette                   “She doesn’t wash up.”
Dave                    Govan                 Rachael                “He’s playing the game.”
Govan                 Dave                    Yvette                   “She’s the source of conflicts.”
Ife                         Steve                   Yvette                   “She doesn’t back down.”
JJ                          Shabbs                Rachael                “She influences nominations.”
Josie                    Dave                    Yvette                   “We’ve got different views.”
Mario                  Shabbs                Corin                     “She suppresses others.”
Nate                     Ben                       Yvette                   “She gets on me tits.”
Rachael              Dave                     Yvette                   “He is fake.”
Shabbs                Dave                     Yvette                   “She thinks she is smart.”
Steve                   Shabbs                 Yvette                   “She’s irritating.”
Yvette                 Shabbs                 Govan                   “He voted for me.”

Sunshine received 10! Shabbs and Dave received 5. Holy crow! That’s a lot for Yvette. She’s a goner! People hate her.

Nate has cooked lunch for the house. He also prepared onions that he’ll be using for a later meal. Ben and Moley took some of the onions. Dave does the same. Nate tells them that the onions were for the curry later on. Dave doesn’t say anything. Govan also wanted the onions. Dave thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. All of them were culprits.

Later, they start talking about it. Govan is leading the onion crusade. I think that Dave is being facetious. He did take the onions when he knew that they were for the later meal. Govan and Dave get into it. He tells him that he made the situation between Govan and Yvette worse. Dave says that he was mediating. Nate says that it didn’t need mediating. They are arguing.

The girls are in the tub. Josie, Ife, Caoimhe, and Shabbs think that onion-gate is stupid-gate. The girls call Govan in. Moley comes into the bathroom. Shabbs says that the onion issue led them to vent about other issues. I think that Shabbs is right.

Later, Govan and Dave are in the garden talking about their argument. The other HM are in the living room. Yvette wants to know what happened. Ben recaps what happened.

They were like two cats spoiling for a fight.

After a while, Govan has had enough and leaves. He goes to talk with Yvette. It’s all about Yvette. They don’t really clear the air. They were just going through the motions. I’m sure that Yvette thinks that everything is fine, but Govan probably thinks that she a total attention whore.

The HM play a game about who fancies who.

Josie, Govan, and JJ are talking about the game. JJ says that he hates Rachael. He wants to screw her the most. This is because of how full of herself she is, and how arrogant she is, but he’s shag her, if she wants to.

* * * * *

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