Big Brother UK Eviction S11E10 (Channel 4)

BB plays an alarm into the house to wake up the sleeping HM. Caoimhe is still asleep. Moley and Yvette are in the kitchen. Josie is talking about cocks and hens. Josie’s Shetland pony was vicious. He ran after the kids.

Josie tells Fake Beyoncé that it’s just sexual tension between her and JJ. Shabbs naturally joins in. Josie says that JJ likes him but he doesn’t want to like him. Shabbs says that she fancies Caoimhe in a big way.

I’ve got the horn.

Josie tells JJ that Fake Beyoncé is still upset. She says that he needs to talk with her. JJ repeats that he doesn’t like arrogant people. Josie says that Fake Beyoncé won’t be arrogant for the rest of her life, after what he has done to her.

The HM are playing another quiz. Caoimhe and JJ are blindfolded. They have to guess what the other HM are throwing at them. Ife gets 5 questions right. This means that JJ has 5 swings at the garbage piñata. He fails to win any money for them.

Josie, Govan, Caoimhe, and Shabbs are the carousel. Josie thinks that JJ actually likes Fake Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Fake Beyoncé and JJ are going at it again in the bedroom. He isn’t happy with her sly remarks. She made them during the task. She retorts that he was out of order shouting at her over the dinner table. JJ starts to shout. Govan and Josie walk by. JJ says that Fake Beyoncé overacts over everything. JJ is berating her. He’s a bully. Govan tells JJ that the things that Fake Beyoncé said about him were complimentary. She said that she is upset that she fancies him this much. Fake Beyoncé comes to the diary room crying again. JJ is still shouting about the situation to Josie and Govan.

Fake Beyoncé, Govan, and Nate are at the carousel. Govan says that they shouldn’t get involved in this. It’s just making things worse. Nate says that JJ isn’t doing himself any favours. Josie, Shabbs, and Moley tell JJ that it’s his problem. JJ is called to the diary room to be told off by BB. He’s been out of order for some time now. He says that he’s pissed. BB is smart. BB tells him to remove himself from the situation and imagine that he is advising a friend about a similar situation. JJ realizes that he’s really messed up.

She annoys the shit out of me.

Yvette brings in the shopping list. She asks for vegan cream cheese. Corin is in the bathroom. The chest of temptation talks with her. She is offered to get someone’s suitcase back. She needs to tell outrageous lies about herself to all of the HM. She wants Fake Beyoncé’s suitcase back. She’s got until 10. She’s pretty good with it. It’s either because people just forget or ignore what she says. She’s also pretty quick about it.

The chest says that Corin’s lies were rubbish. She’s got to tell an incredibly outrageous lie to one HM and Rachael will get her suitcase back. A few minutes later, she talks with Yvette. She tells her that she hasn’t had her period yet. She might be preggers. It’s a damn good one. She gets the suitcase back.

Steven, Ben, and Moley are in the nest. They like the nest. JJ and Fake Beyoncé are talking again in the bedroom. JJ is finally calm. He says that he doesn’t hate her. She says that she feels awkward.

Corin’s got her hair up. Ben tells her that she looks like a ballerina. Fake Beyoncé receives her suitcase.

Eviction Night

We see some clips what happened today in the BBUK house. Davina talks with the house. She reveals that Shabbs is safe. So it’s between Yvette and Fake Beyoncé. Fake Beyoncé is evicted. The crowd hates Yvette. They are chanting “Get Sunshine out!”. The BBUK house hears this. She doesn’t get many boos. Real Beyoncé music is playing. She mostly gets cheers mixed in with boos.

During the interview, Fake Beyoncé is shown footage of her reaction and how JJ treated her. She is shown some of her moody looks. The HM made a message for her. JJ says that he regrets what he did. She is also told that Corin got her suitcase back for her. That was very selfless.

Bob Righter will tell the HM that one of the HM will get the day of their dreams of the day from hell. It’s up to Fake Beyoncé to choose. She says that she wants the day of her dreams to Corin. That’s nice of her.

We switch to the BBUK house. Bob Righter is starting to flash. A message comes out of him.

Tomorrow for Corin, it’s looking bright.
Bob Righter

* * * * *

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